October 2, 2020
Prosperity Ahead! –– Issue #101

Amid the astonishing pandemonium, disruption, and distress in our country today, some brave souls are looking beyond the political season to chart a brighter future of “unprecedented prosperity” for America.

The answer lies with the states and the great American experiment with federalism.

A new book has just been released by Regnery Publishing with chapters by conservative leaders providing a roadmap for reform of everything from education to the environment, infrastructure to immigration, and, of course, health care—all with ideas about how states can take the lead in restoring the fabric of our society.

Texas State Rep. Tan Parker is the editor and force behind creation of the book, Making Government Work: A Conservative Agenda For The States—“a modern-day guide for how as Americans we can move the states forward with common sense, conservative public policy initiatives.”

Former Sen. Rick Santorum and I wrote the chapter on health care, and we are in amazingly good company with authors such as tax guru Art Laffer, former Energy Sec. Rick Perry, Scholars Robert Woodson and Robert B. George, and environmental expert Becky Norton Dunlop.  The forward for this edition is by Nikki Haley, with the original forward by President Reagan for the first edition of Making Government Work in 1994.

The centerpiece of our chapter on health care is showing why top-down, Washington-dominated solutions don’t work in health care and why our Health Care Choices plan, that devolves power through the states to doctors and patients, is the right reform for the future.

You have to have this on your reading list and bookshelves as we go forward in the policy debate.  All of the authors volunteered our time in the creation of this book, and all proceeds generated from the sales will be donated, primarily to organizations that serve America’s veterans.

Don’t take it just from me. Here what others have to say about the book: 
  • "As the Governor of Texas, I have witnessed firsthand the success a state can achieve when innovation and self-reliance are guiding principles in enacting public policy. Making Government Work is a road map for these types of conservative principles and a commonsense approach to limited government in action that will make this nation flourish."  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
  • "Today, too many state governments lack respect for the liberties that our nation was founded on. This book will help conservative leaders re-focus on how states can protect and promote the freedoms that make America special."  South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem
  • "Making Government Work is the conservative master plan for keeping government small, nimble, efficient, and user-friendly. These are things government usually is not, which is why every policy maker, elected official, and concerned citizen needs to know of the secrets that lie within these pages."  Economist Steve Moore
Here's a link to the book on
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