7. Foodie Frights

The best AND the worst part of Christmas all in one!

Isn’t it bonkers that food causes so much stress over the festivities?

I always put so much weight on! What am I going to cook? Turkey is so boring/predictable/traditional/meaty – what else can I cook? Help! I’ve got vegetarians arriving for dinner! How am I going to get everything done in the kitchen on time? Why doesn’t anyone help me get all the food ready – I’m always stuck in the kitchen on my own sweating and swearing! My fridge won’t hold all the food – I’d better start eating it now. How am going to cope with the shops being closed for a whole day! Why am I being sucked into cooking the same old stuff year after year? I want to do something different. I hate eating leftovers for a week.

The simple answer to this is STOP STRESSING! It’s just not worth it! But if this simple advice doesn’t work, then there are some alternatives…
  • Shrink your portions! Not only does this save you money but also reduces calorie intake and food wastage – very healthy and eco!
  • Don’t take seconds. EVER!
  • Only eat off a dessert plate.
  • Combine the above 2 for a weightloss Christmas.
  • Be grateful that you have food on the table, so many this year will be struggling to feed all the mouths around the table.
  • To avoid Christmas cooking catastrophes, why not order a takeaway the day before and just reheat. Nothing beats a reheated pizza!
  • Or, for something a little more civilized, book the family into a restaurant.
  • If hosting the Christmas meal is unavoidable, then encourage people to bring a dish. Or book a maid for the day.
If none of this sounds do-able then you only have one option: hide under your duvet with a box of chocolates.

Happy stuffing!
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