6. Trapped!

Imagine being told that you are obliged to spend 4 days cooped up in a small space with people that drive you nuts while being force-fed heart-attack inducing food.

It gets worse… Just when you think you’re coping, you get sucked into participating in a humiliating game of Trivial Pursuit – anything to escape the utter boredom!. The pressure builds and before you know it you’re drunk and dribbling in front of mind-numbing TV.  Merry Christmas!

If this sounds like heaven, then feel free to move on. There is nothing here for you to see. If however, this sounds like HELL for you, then read on…

For many, being trapped is their worse fear. These people tend to like freedom and independence so Christmas can be particularly tricky for them. You can spot this lot quite easily as they’re the ones that like doing their own thing and travelling (freeeeeedom!). If you spot them, be nice and let them out for a bit.

Now if this is you, here are some things to ponder while you sit in your metaphorical cage
  • Think about the alternative – the Christmas Sales – surely it’s better to stay indoors playing games than queuing outside from 5am for stuff you don’t really need.
  • Be prepared! Bring a colouring-in book and treat yourself to some art therapy.
  • Use this wonderful opportunity to meditate. If you’ve never meditated before, what a great time to try.
  • Find a notebook and plan your travels/goals/career shift for the following year. Ask family members for ideas and turn it into a family project.
  • Use our “clear your head trash” guide to work on “being trapped” to minimise the stress of it all. Before you know it, you’ll be wondering what was bothering you.
  • Offer to walk the dog. Any dog.
  • Relish the challenge that life has presented you to be creative and come up with something original to keep you/the kids/the dog/gran happy.
There, there. Is that better?
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