4. Office Party Oopsies

The Christmas office party is either loved or loathed.

But whether you love or hate it, you still might end up doing something you regret later. Maybe you work with a bunch of muppetts and the very idea of spending an evening with them is enough to set you off. Or maybe it's the one night that you've been waiting for ALL year!

OMG! I can’t believe I kissed wotshisname! How embarrassing! I can’t believe how drunk I got. Was I sick in front of my boss? Why didn’t I get invited to the Christmas do? I don’t do Christmas and I don’t drink so why should I come along? You want me to get dressed in a fancy dress outfit?!!! I’ve got to sit next to John from accounts?!! We’re not having a party this year – does that mean they might be announcing job cuts? #panic I work for myself and don’t have an office party to go to.

The office Christmas party, and all that it stands for, is not always easy to avoid, so here are our feeble suggestions for damage limitation.
  • Take a balanced view. Yes there will be carnage and as long as it’s not too serious, it’ll be fine.
  • Pre-empt the horrors and plan ahead. The sensible part of you will come up with the perfect strategy of not drinking and leaving early. This will probably be countered by the reckless part of you that will totally ignore this. Be OK with this.
  • Turn up to someone else’s office party and get the best of both worlds; festive frolics and a worry-free morning after.
  • Start applying for jobs now just in case things get really out of hand. This is a doubly useful plan, because then you’re also covered if your company announce cuts on Christmas Eve.
  • Book a place on our “I might lose my job #panic” workshop to help you cope with the aftermath of your behaviour.
If all that sounds just a bit too silly for you, then just stay at home! 

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