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1. The Panic of Presents

Presents are a huge source of panic. And that’s before the stress of whether you can afford them all kicks in!

Who do I buy them for? How much should I spend? Should I buy *them* a present? Will they get me one? How much should I spend? What do *I* want? What should I tell people I want? What do I get the person who has everything? I hate shopping, and present shopping is the worst type! Who did I miss?

And then there’s the kiddie dimension. If your Christmas involves children then you guys have a whole new level of stress to deal with.

I couldn’t get the* (*insert latest very expensive toy) that my munchkin wanted - will my child forgive me? Have I done enough or bought enough so show my little darlings how much I love them? Where shall I hide all the presents until Christmas day? Do they still believe in Father Christmas? I hate lying to them about Father Christmas, but I have to – it’s one big conspiracy! Will they like what I've got them?

Does any of this sound familiar? Well fear not, here are a few ideas to help you get rid of the 1st Gremlin of Christmas: the panic of presents.

  • Tell everyone that you’ve given them a goat for Christmas. Or a water well. Put your presents budget into something worthwhile this year and make a difference to people who really need it.
  • Remind yourself that love is not measured by how much you’ve spent on a gift. Love is measured in actions and words, and not just at Christmas. Most presents get ditched or forgotten by February anyway so why worry.
  • Buy everyone the same thing, like a voucher for a head trash session. After all – who DOESN'T have head trash?
  • Spend an evening making things for people. The personal touch will always make people feel warm and fuzzy inside even if what you’ve made them is crap. Time is your most precious resource, what you spend on someone you’ll never get back – remind them of this if they seem ungrateful with your glitter covered biscuit.
  • Use our “Clear your head trash” guide to clear any stresses that presents are giving you. If anything, at least you won’t be bothered as much!

Can you guess what tomorrow's gremlin is?

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