Get What You Need Sun. April 15th 
Untitled and Solo  - a brand new piece later this month
Dear friends, 
Wow, it has been over a year since I send you a newsletter.  A lot has happened since then and I hope you are still interested in hearing from me. Keep scrolling to see what I'm up to this month and to learn what I've been doing this past year. 
Last Get What You Need of this season
Sun. April 15th @ 2pm - 4pm 
at Mascher Space Co-op
155 Cecil B. Moore Ave. 
Phila, PA 
FREE - Come over for a good conversation

I will show my latest work Untitled and Solo and l need your feedback!!!
Also showing Dawn Pratson and Noa Schnitzer.

Facebook event:  

You get 30 minutes. Invite your friends and collaborators. Get feedback. Free to attend and participate. You get what you need.
Sat. and Sun. April 28 and 29 @ 8 pm 
The Iron Factory
118 Fontain St, Fl 3rd
Phila, PA 19122
Tickets here:

Lyons and Tigers with stb x at
Zornitsa Stoyanova
Amy Lynne Barr 
Courtney Colón

This show sounds like it would have a pretty rad feminist twist to it.  That is certainly what I'm going for with my brand new short exploration called Untitled and Solo.  Will it have Mylar? Of Course.  Come check out this huge inflatable Mylar pillow.
Facebook event and more details here:  
3 Year long unnamed film. 
In the last 3 years I have been taking footage of myself and other women dancing in nature.  I knew I wanted to make something of it, but I didn't have any idea what.  Over time I started combining footage from seemingly unrelated shots and am allowing a slow process of birthing this short film.  The film is very much in progress and I hope to be done with it before the summer, but then... birthing takes its own time. 
Here are some stills from the work in progress. 

What happened in the last year?

Well, I had a baby and he is turning one in about 10 days.  Baby Alex is very cute and chubby and unlike his older brother, quite a bit more lazy. He refuses to crawl and only wants to walk holding my hand.  This has resulted in me being in great shape, as I lift, carry and run with him constantly. 

I was dancing in SP3, an amazing performance by <fidget>'s Megan Bridge and Peter Price at Fringe Arts in February this year.  It definitely kicked my butt to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. 

I went to Bulgaria twice. First time, I got to meet with some awesome creators there at Къща, the home of Atom Dance Theater. I showed my film Explicit Female and did a workshop/lecture on trading resources and making an artist life with little resources.


Second time I went to see Spring Forward Festival just a few weeks ago.  I'm writing about the experience on, so keep your eyes open for that article. 
It was intense seeing 20 performances over 3 days. 
I got to rub shoulders with lots of European presenters and met amazing and interesting people who are running successful art centers around the world - which is really my long term dream anyway. I feel both inspired and exhausted in trying to figure out how to transfer those European ideas of sustainability in the arts to here and now. 
In the past year I have continued to work as Programs Coordinator at Mascher Dance and as a result we are bringing Deborah Hay for a workshop in June.  If interested in that, go to for more info. 

Best to all, 
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