EPIC newsletter. Check out GWYN residents, I'm performing in two weeks. Went to Minneapolis. Cool Polish Artists are coming to Philly and I even have a life hack for you. 
Dear friends, 
So much is happening in a short span of time and I keep thinking, wow... this is my life. I am so grateful that I am an abled body, that I have the opportunity and the time to create programs that support others. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity for professional development.  The list goes on... Thank you for reading these emails and however silently(or not) supporting me in my journey as an artists and I guess "producer". 

I'll give you the list of things I think you should know about first and then tell you more about what's been going on in my brain and life lately. 

Announcing the GET WHAT YOU NEED residents!
Mira Treatman and Janna Meiring (pictures below from left to right) will be developing their work in the next 7 months in Philly. The first event is this Sunday, Nov. 3rd with Amy Smith as a so if you are in the area come check out their amazing projects.
Also, there is still one spot left if you'd like to share and get feedback about anything related to your art making life. Everyone gets about 30 min. Email me to reserve your spot at 

Sun. Nov. 3rd
11am - YES it is in the morning
The Beard Cave at 3916 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Facebook Event here 

I am raising $400 additional dollars to support the final showing on May 30th, 2020.  Please consider donating now though PayPal.  Or if you have some business of corporate connections, send them my way as I am looking for sponsors and can offer advertisement. I know...we all have to hustle, so I am truly grateful for any pointers. 

Speaking of which:
GWYNRes program is almost entirely created by donated space and time. It is made possible by the generous support of The Fidget Space, The Art Room, 954 Dance Movement Collective, Cardell Dance Studio, Community Education Center, The Beard Cave and

Mal Charifi and Zornitsa do something together
About a month ago me and Mal were both performing at Annie Wilson and Anita Holland's "Yesterday's Garbage" late night cabaret style bad art shindig.  IT WAS SPECTACULAR. Anything you can think of as bad art was represented and it was refreshing, extremely funny and some was even genius.  I did a post modern striptease on a mix of Bolero and MC Hammer's "You can't Touch This" while wearing a concave security mirror as a helmet and singing Annie Lenox's song "Sweet Dreams of Made of This". Yea, that's a picture from Yesterday's Garbage.
During my performance Mal sat to the side, talking about themselves, and fermenting sauerkraut. Yes, its was truly that crazy, so me and Mal decided we are going to do something similarly crazy, but very different again. 
We are performing at the very last show at Mascher Space. (If you haven't heard they are moving in mid November). 

Fri. November 8th ONLY (there is another show on the 9th but we are not doing anything)
at 8pm
Mascher Space Cooperative, 155 Cecil B. Moore Ave., Phila, PA (for the last time) 
Facebook event here
Tickets here here

Alliance for Artists Communities meeting at Minneapolis
Who knew I would grow up to be one of those conference going people.  AAC (for short) is the place to be.  I can not tell you enough how awesome they are and if you don't know about them, go check out their website as they have a huge database for residencies and lots of helpful materials for individual artists and organizations who run art residencies and programs.  
I met incredible people, who are starting or thinking of creating artist residencies; folks with farms or just small garages in rural areas, folks inheriting apartments, folks who come from money and just want to do something good with them, folks who are renovating large scale factories and want to get artists in there.  Everyone is in a different stage of devoting, but devoted to help support artists and culture in the U.S.  This brings me so much hope in continuing to work in this field. 
I learned that starting a non profit is not easy and just like any business it needs a starting capital. Getting money for a non profit is a lot of work - not only foundational support and grants, but most importantly private donations.  I learned how much more I need to learn. I am super happy to share resources learned there and hear other's ideas about best practices in this field.  Email me if you want to talk about it.

Polish Artists coming to Philly in December
Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska and Madgda Jedra are two phenomenal artists coming on an exchange residency with Movement Research in NYC.  Guess what... I invited them to come to Philly and they said yes.  So keep your planners open for Dec. 16th to 19th, as they will be offering free workshops and all three of us will have a showing on Dec. 19th at The Iron Factory in Philly.  Did I mention I'm creating this whole program to be FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.  YES, free classes from kick ass Polish artists in your backyard! I personally think it doesn't get better. If you are in NYC, you can check out their work on Dec. 3rd at Movement Research. 

Wow, if you've made it this rock! 
So, I'll reward you with a life hack I just learned about a month ago. If any of you travel in and around Europe, you should know about the EU law that if your flight gets delayed over 4 hours or gets canceled due to technical issues you are required to get up to 600 Euro compensation.  I couldn't believe it. My family got stranded over night in Munich when we were coming back to the U.S. and boom... I have almost $2000 that I am putting into my art projects.  I used and they do take a hefty % out of the claim, but its easy and at the end  you can have some money to do art or go to a much needed vacation. 
All the best, 

(who's been thinking for almost a whole year about changing the Here[begin] Dance name and is still thinking of changing it...Suggestions are welcome)
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