New Dance Platform in Philly - yes I'm changing my name. 
Polish Dance Artists are coming in just 15 days. 
Get What You Need 2nd showing. 
Dear friends, 
I need your help. 
Since 2006 I have been creating different support platforms for new dance in Philadelphia.  From Current showcase in 2007-11 to Get What You Need now, Moms Make Art Residency, The Polish Dance Artist exchange and hosting teachers like Deborah Hay in Philly,  I have done this largely on my own and though the generous support of people like you.

My mission in life is creating a community that cares about the experience and production of new performance, blending of genres and celebration of melding of different cultures and perspectives. 
I believe that these kinds of experiences should be FREE to participate in and this is why I am asking for your help. Help me keep all this awesome programming FREE for everyone.  

I'm joining the many other cultural producers for #GivingTuesday.  
Please consider donating to support a whole season of FREE dance programs and if you live in the area, please come and take advantage of it. 

Donate here though my Hatchfund campaign! 

or send a FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE check though my fiscal sponsor:

Philadelphia Dance Projects

1249 Crease Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125 
memo: Zornitsa new dance platform

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Any amount helps. 

Below you will find upcoming events that your donation will support:

GET WHAT YOU NEED - Saturday Dec. 14th 
1pm - 4pm 
The Fidget Space,
1714 N Mascher St, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Mentor will be Megan Bridge

Facebook Event here 
Showing work:
Janna Meiring
Mira Treatman
Chrissy Eltvedt

GWYNRes program is almost entirely created by donated space and time. It is made possible by the generous support of The Fidget Space, The Art Room, 954 Dance Movement Collective, Cardell Dance Studio, Community Education Center, The Beard Cave and

Polish Contemporary Dance In Philly:
              FREE and I am also performing 

Tuesday December 17: 6pm - 8pm -  workshop with Aleksandra - FREE
Wednesday December 18: 6pm - 8pm  - workshop with Magda - FREE
Thursday December 19: 7pm showing - Aleksandra, Magda and Zornitsa -  Pay What You Can

The Iron Factory
118 Fontain St,
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Aleksandra is interested in multi-generational interdisciplinary projects, and Madga enjoys combining “high brow” and “pop culture” styles of movement. Both value improvisation as a tool in their practices.  Aleksandra will teach an improvisational workshop open to all movement levels called The body knows! Madga’s workshop will be focused around her new work and will also include improvisational modalities. 

JANUARY 31st, 2020 - my newest work at Philadelphia Museum of Art
I have been rehearsing with Rhonda Moore, Elba Hevia y Vaca and Megan Bridge in creating a brand new large scale Mylar female power performance for the Philadelphia Museum of Art atrium. 
We were invited to show it as part of Remix Friday events at the Museum in January.  
I feel blessed to be working with such incredible cast and to have the amazing opportunity to be performing at one of Philly's major museums.  It feels like a HUGE step forward. 

All the best, 

p.s. I HAVE A NEW NAME... I can't believe it.  It will be publicly revealed January 1st, 2020. 
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