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Hi <<First Name>>,

I'm back home in Bulgaria. As a mental rest, I watched the documentary series "American Playboy" narrated by Hough Heffner himself. 
He made millions selling female nudity, sexuality objectifying the body, while firmly convinced it was liberation.  Maybe he did normalize heteronormative sex in some way... Contemporary art though presented nudity outside of sexuality, showing the utility and biology of our body, decomposing all of our social stigmas.

I certainly am a product of this schooling.  I use my nudity as a way to confront my own mortality,  my body dying and multiplying itself every moment of every day. Years ago I wrote an article about being asked to perform nude for the first time - here it is. 

In Brutal Honesty, I wear transparent plastic. I talk about learning of shame as a child and the shiny transparent trash we cover ourselves in to hide the fact we are dying slowly but surely. 
And in 4 days I turn 40.  Mortality has been part of my work since I became a mother.  Isn't it strange, how becoming a parent (even a pet parent) would turn our brain into fixated on worst-case death scenarios?

A lot of these discoveries I've done through my practice of film - both making screendance, and live feed performance.  On Tue, I start a really cool class that tries to cover a lot (if not all) of my artistic tools in digital dance. It's a very small group, which is always exciting as that means there is time and space for individual attention and questions. 
If that's not your cup of tea... just scroll down through it. :)

Digital Dance - tips and tricks on filming, editing and broadcasting

Feb. 22nd, March 2, 4, 9, 11.

16:00PM (GMT+2) Eastern European Standard Time
9:00AM NYC | 15:00 BERLIN | 17:00 MOSCOW 


COST: Students and people economically affected by the pandemic whole series €75  | Drop–ins per class: €15.

Professionals whole series €90 | Drop-ins: €18

Feb. 22:
❇️ Understanding and composing for the distorted world of the digital frame
❇️ Composing for the moving and still camera – phone settings and cool apps
❇️ Innovative – DIY lighting – why it’s important to have good light

March 2:
❇️ Capturing video devices- web cam vs. phone, syncing and working with footage through the computer or in phone.
❇️Free and cheap software for editing video creatively both on phone and computer. Tutorials on all programs.

March 4:
❇️ Introducing OBS studio and ManyCam – broadcasting software tips, tricks and best set up for dance.
❇️ The different ways of live broadcasting and engagement on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom.

March 9:
❇️ Using multiple cameras and video switchers (yes you can do that now thru your laptop) … and yes you can make your phone and iPad be webcams. All software and hardware in order to make that happen with a tutorial of the software.

March 11:
❇️ live feed special effects + live performance recording through OBS Studio and Many Cam. Tutorials and possibilities.

The goal is a comprehensive understanding of the technology so that it could become a part of the way we compose and create dance instead of a hindrance.

Info and Registration

Altered States - a performance conversation 

with Megan Bridge. 
I just performed at Bryn Mawr and Temple University with Megan this quite groundbreaking piece. We talk and move the entire time, and we address the audience, and we think, actively perceive and deduct at the moment. We know only one thing.... we start with the question: "What does presence feel like to you?"
I and Megan did a 10 min. podcast talking about this.  If you are one of those folks who like podcasts, check it out here.

It's my birthday! 

The photo from above is a live feed special effect I am working with for Brutal Honesty...I couldn't have asked for a better present than being in Philadelphia and dancing, creating and teaching with many amazing people. 

Here is my little ask for my birthday. 
Please, donate to BodyMeld. 
I will use the money to continue the Get What You Need residency in Philadelphia, support our two artists Julia Bryck and Lindsey Huster and pay all of our administrative team, me including. 
This is incredibly important, as we don't fit in the project-based funding most funders have.  This limits us to ask for help from our community.  So every little bit helps. 
Thank you!!!
Donate here

With love and gratitude. 

Zornitsa Stoyanova 
Director of BodyMeld

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