I'm performing on Dec. 14th and 15th and hosting two awesome artists from Poland. 
Come check out their workshops and work. 
Dear friends, 
It's December, and I've been brewing some things I haven't told you yet about. 

This week, I'm hosting a residency with two Polish Artists in Philadelphia.  They will be teaching and performing this week, so if you are in/around Philly, please come.  I will be also performing a very new solo called Untitled and Solo as part of the Polish artists show at the end of the week. See below for details. 


Aleks and Wojciech teach

POPULUXE workout with Wojciech - Tue. and Wed. Dec. 11 & 12 at 6pm - 7.30pm
The Overview Effect with Aleksandra - Sat. Dec. 15 at 4pm - 6pm 
$15 each or $35 for all 3
$12 each or $30 for all for membership holders and students at the door. 
Tickets here:

Dec. 14 & 15 at 8pm 
$12 - $20 sliding scale
Performances by Zornitsa Stoyanova (USA/BUL), Aleksandra Borys (PL), Wojciech Grudzinski (PL).

Tickets here:

All at Mascher Dance (a.k.a. Mascher Space Cooperative)
155 Cecil B. Moore Ave., #2R, Philadelphia, Pa. 19122

Bios and more details here: 

Untitled and Solo performance is a story of Mylar as a metaphor for humanity.  A magic material used in space, this almost un-recyclable trash, is given as blankets to detained immigrant children for comfort (at US detention centers). Designed to be used in hydroponic farming, Mylar is mirror reflective. Telling the story of its use and discard in the U.S. illuminates both the beauty and horror of humanity.   This work is in progress, so any and all comments and thoughts are very welcome. 
FILMS taking over South America....

In the last few months, two of my films were shown in small festivals in Argentina and Uruguay, strangely enough neither festival had anything to do with dance, but both films made it as an official selection of movies made with cell phone camera. With my films being shown a few times now in Mexico, South America seems to be the place where I'm getting a bit more famous... lol. 
My newest film Elsewhere is being scored by Michael McDermott, a long time (has it been more than 10 years already?!?) collaborator who is brilliant!  We should be done with it by the end of the year and I can't wait to share it with the world.  I'm hoping to do a casual screening of my films in winter 2019, once Elsewhere is scored. Keep your eyes open. 

In the last almost 3 years I've been Programs and Finance Administrator at Mascher Dance in Philadelphia. 
I am excited to announce that I am leaving this position with the intent on continuing to produce and support the Philly and international dance community. I will continue to run Get What You Need program, seek further funding for Birthing Bodies, Birthing Art residency and will seek out collaborations between local and international organizations in order to create professional development opportunities for fellow choreographers.   
So, what that means is... come January 2019 I will be re-branding (this is such a BIG business word) my company to encompass all my interests.  To put it bluntly... I'm looking for a new cool name and any suggestions are so so welcome.  Hive mind is always better, so if you feel like it, just email me back with some crazy ideas on a new name. 
TOURING my new piece, Untitled and Solo
So, I'm from Bulgaria....and....since 2001 (mind you I was in high school then) i haven't performed there.  
This summer the incredible and legendary Galina Borisova invited me to participate in her festival in Sofia.  Funding just got approved and after --- I won't count how many years--- I'll be performing Untitled and Solo in my home town sometime in June.  
I'll also be traveling a bunch this year around Europe, so I'm presently looking for other gigs as well.  If you are one of my European friends and have a pointer for a place/person/idea/presenter to perform a 20 min. solo, please let me know.  Again, hive mind and friends are the best way to get gigs.  
And Happy Holidays to everyone!  I hope whatever holiday your family is celebrating, that you all manage to get some time off to relax and be surrounded by loved ones. 
Until next year (or this week, if you are coming to Mascher for workshops and shows)
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