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Volume 6. Issue 9. October 2015

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The Tree Inside

“The Tree Inside” is a Canadian drama about a woman who can’t keep a relationship longer than a couple of months. When she meets the man of her dreams, she must find a way to overcome her seasonal impulse to change. Shot over 14 months right here in Vancouver, British Columbia, the city’s exquisite seasonal landscape subtly mirrors the emotional life of the protagonist.

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It's Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong

Timing is everything, but it’s complicated when there are (heart)strings attached. As close to a literal date night feature as we’ve ever had, Asian American director Emily Ting’s “It’s Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong” transplants the walk-and-talk charm of Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise,” to the Fragrant Harbour as Ruby and Josh—the real-life husband and wife team of Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg —fall in and out of love. If you missed it at VIFF this year, catch it now. 

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Right Footed

"Right Footed" tells the story of Philippine-American Jessica Cox, who was born without arms but overcame many physical and emotional challenges to become fully independent—learning to type with her toes and fly an airplane with her feet. Shot in the USA, Ethiopia and the Philippines, this documentary is both a very personal portrait of Cox’s unexpected journey as she becomes a disability activist and mentor, and an examination of the power of one person’s life story to effect large scale change.

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The Kids

You’re always in a hurry to grow up—until you do. “Marry in haste, repent at leisure” appears to hold true regardless of what age you are when you get into it, or whatever your cultural context. The flip side to that, is it’s never too late to (try to) find your bliss. Up and coming Taiwanese director Wei-Shan Yu‘s first feature, “The Kids,” offers another take on the shotgun wedding—exploring how far the boy inside the man will go to please the girl of his dreams. 

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VAFF 2015 Media Launch

On October 8, we held our VAFF 2015 Media Launch Party at Sai Woo Restaurant in historic Chinatown. Various local media outlets were on hand to conduct interviews with VAFF executives and filmmakers.
Check out photos from the event on our Facebook page & Flickr album and watch the video recap from Novus TV.
VAFF 2015’s nine film programs include 37 feature-length and short films of all genres, with English dialogue or English subtitles, from the Asian diaspora—including a world premiere, 5 North American premieres and 13 Canadian premieres.
During the festival, the Best Canadian Short Award 2015, sponsored by the National Film Board of Canada, will be presented to one of five nominated short films by Canadian filmmakers, along with the VAFF People’s Choice Award for Best Canadian Feature.
New this year, is the VAFF Industry Insight Seminar Series: panel topics include how independent filmmakers can take advantage of Vancouver’s rapid evolution into a post production hub, and how to capitalize on emerging opportunities for international distribution/co-production.
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