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Happy New Year!

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In January's Easy English NEWS, we mistakenly said  that Harry Reid was now the minority leader in the Senate. He is still the majority leader. 

Mitch McConnell is the minority leader.

January's E-News Contents:

Free Holiday Songbook

New Feature by Richard Lederer

Preview of January's Easy English NEWS

Teacher Aids for Easy English NEWS

Free Holiday Song Book

This has just been posted at the website, December 12. I'm hoping you may find a few days left before winter break to use it. There are 18 songs in the public domain, printed in 24-point type, one song to a page, with illustrations and word help, just the way English language learners need it. Feel free to download and reproduce the Holiday Songbook for your classes.

I checked with the constitutionality of singing Christmas carols in schools, (since some schools have banned the singing of Silent Night, and the Supreme Court has declared that as long as there is a secular purpose (sharing cultures; learning English) and there are secular songs included in the choice of songs (we included such) the singing of these are permitted in public places including schools. Have students share their own native language winter holiday songs to round out the protection from being accused of establishing a religion in your classroom. Partial contents: Over the River and Through the Woods, Jingle Bells, Here Comes Santa Claus, Joy to the World, Auld Lang Syne, Silent Night, O Holy Night.

New Feature by Richard Lederer

A new year, and a new feature in Easy English NEWS: Language learners and language lovers will enjoy this new column by Richard Lederer, author of Crazy English, Anguished English, and dozens of other close-up looks at how English serves us and befuddles us. Richard Lederer is perhaps the foremost and funniest collectors of the ways and wherefores of English sounds, spellings, grammar, cliches, marvels and annoyances. See page 5 in Easy English NEWS

Preview: Easy English NEWS for January 2011

  • The 112th Congress This article gives the political make up of the new Congress, and the challenges before it, as well as photos of the main players.
  • Life in the U.S.A. The U.S. Legal system--part 4: "You're Under Arrest!" What happens when a person is arrested: Miranda rights, false arrest, types of crimes and punishments.
  • Events in January covered in Easy English NEWS:
    • New Year's Day
    • Mummers Parade
    • The Calendar
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    • State of the Union
Richard Lederer on Crazy English: The Strange Case of the English Language

Your Health: Dr. Majid Ali: Water: a great medicine

America the Beautiful Yosemite National Park

Heroes and History: Mark Twain (whose autobiography, incidentally, is now on the best seller list, published 100 years after his death.)

Plus our regular features: This Is Your Page (readers' stories),  Funny Stuff, Idioms, the Crossword Puzzle, Let's Talk About It, and Word Help

Teacher Aids for Easy English NEWS

Easy English News comes with a great variety and supply of Teacher Aids, all included in the cost of your subscription:

* Word Help each month for 160 to 180 words needed for adult discussion of the topics, but out of the 2nd year English language learners' vocabulary grasp.

* Let's talk about it each month with fact gathering, opinion sharing, and culture sharing questions for discussion and writing assignments.

* A Monthly Teacher's Guide with background, objectives, and procedures for approaching the articles in the newspaper. This contains three reproducible short answer quizzes: multiple choice

* A 24-page How to Use Easy English NEWS in Your ESL Class, with special tips for using the newspaper with beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, plus 8 reproducible, generic graphic organizers and student self-evaluation activity sheets.

* Cloze Tests: Sections of the newspaper are reprinted with ten words missing. There is a word bank to help students choose the best words for creating sense of the topic.

* Which-word-doesn't belong Test. Vocabulary and explaining skills are challenged.

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