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October E-News from Elizabeth Claire:

Have you and your students survived the hurricanes? Wild fires? floods? Whew!

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October's E-News Contents:

Celebrating ESL Teacher's Activities Kit

The U.S. Constitution in Simple English is now at the website.

Hurricane Safety in Simple English still available FREE at the website.

Repeating last month's special: Easy English Crossword Puzzles!

Coming Attractions in October's Easy English NEWS

Feedback wanted

You've asked for more tests. You've got them. By October 5, I should have the second round of free downloadable quizzes and answers on the website. Cloze exercises based on the current October issue of Easy English NEWS, plus "Which word doesn't belong?" based on vocabulary from the same. Click here for September Tests. Check back at the website in two weeks for the October tests.

Celebrating ESL Teacher's Activities Kit

My baby's come home! Prentice Hall has relinquished ownership of ESL Teacher's Activities Kit and I am now sole publisher. This feels good. I reread the book from cover to cover, and was startled to see that it is not out of date, after being a classic in the field of teacher training for 20 years. If you already own it, buy a copy for someone who doesn't...and if you don't have a copy, take advantage of this offer now.

The most common comment I get on this resource book from teachers,
"Elizabeth Claire, your Activities Kit is my ESL Bible."

To celebrate, until November 15, we are selling it at half price:
Regular price $35, you pay only $17.50

Makes a great gift for any ESL teacher...beginning or veteran.

Click here for ESL Teacher's Activities Kit.

The U.S. Constitution in Simple English is FREE at the website.

It wasn't easy making this difficult document easy....I had to wrestle with long, long sentences containing many clauses, passive forms, negative forms, and archaic vocabulary to get the same meaning into short sentences in the active voice, with somewhat simpler words. I had to research (thank the 21st century for Google!) many court decisions to see what some phrases actually mean. Some phrases still defy 21st century students...and lawyers...and interpretations are still conflicting. So don't have students use my translation as their legal guide, but as an introductoin to the Constitution. It's about upper-intermediate level of difficulty now for 9th grade and up. Some vocabulary help may still be needed.

Each page is divided vertically in half. The original Constitution runs down the left side of each page, and, clause by clause, the "Elizabeth Claire simple English translation" runs down the right side. Try it and let me know how you use it.

It's 39 pages, as I thought 14 point type and abundant white space would help reduce "density anxiety," and allow students to enter their own notes. You can save the trouble of reproducing it for your students if they are computer savvy: ask them to download and print it out for themselves and bring it to class. Feel free to pass the URL on to other teachers... Click here for the U.S. Constitution in Simple English.

Hurricane Safety in Simple English still available FREE at the website.

Hurricane Safety in Simple English still available FREE. If you haven't already visited the website to get your free reproducible copy of the 16 page booklet, Hurricane Safety in Simple English, it's still there, and still free, and hurricanes are still coming.
Click here for Hurricane Safety in Easy English

Repeating last month's special: Easy English Crossword Puzzles!

The response was spectacular, so we thought you'd like to stock up on Easy English Crossword Puzzles for Christmas gifts: Buy 1, get 1 FREE. (You can buy two and get two free, as well...and buy three and so forth.) Easy English Crossword Puzzles contains step-by-step instruction for puzzle-shy students as well as pages of useful crossword puzzle vocabulary, lists of common abbreviations, states and capitals, lists of contractions. crossword puzzle history, and much more--all in easy English. Intermediate and up, grade five and up.

List price: $14. Buy 1, get 1 FREE.
Click here for Easy English Crossword Puzzles.

Preview: Easy English NEWS for September 2010

  • Mid-term elections Which offices are up for election? Political parties; the Tea Party. How citizens can register to vote.
  • Life in the U.S.A. The U.S. Legal system--part I: Laws Types of laws, the need to be aware of laws.
  • Events in October covered in Easy English NEWS:
    • Columbus Day
    • 2nd half: Hispanic Heritage month
    • UN's birthday
    • Halloween
Ask Elizabeth about grammar presents the case for rules and terms of grammar, with exercises in correcting sentences and telling the grammar rule that underlies the correction.

Your Health: Dr. Majid Ali "Dr. Ali's Breakfast". Dr. Ali tells what he eats for breakfast, and the benefits. (It's what I eat for breakfast, too, and I can attest to the energy.)

America the Beautiful Arches National Park in Utah

Heroes and History: Superceded by Mid-term elections. U.S. Map to locate the states and learn abbreviations; chart of states with the number of representatives from each state.

Plus our regular features: This Is Your Page (readers' stories),  Funny Stuff, Idioms, the Crossword Puzzle, Let's Talk About It, and Word Help.

Click here for this month's Teacher's Guide and Reproducible Quizzes.

Remember, more quizzes will be available by October 5, so check back.

I want your feedback.

The website, this E-News, my books, and Easy English NEWS are written to help you help your students learn English and feel welcome in the United States. I write what your students want and need to read. But how would I know, if I hadn't been asking for feedback for the past 35 years? Let us know what works, what doesn't work, what's needed for improvement.

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Elizabeth Claire
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