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Contents of the November E-News:

Handling freedom of speech and Muslim sensitivities in your ESL classroom

Contents of November's Easy English NEWS

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Handling freedom of speech and Muslim sensitivities

November's front page article dealt with violence against the United States that broke out in many Muslim countries. An American ambassador and several staff members in Libya were killed.There were also protests against the U.S. in dozens of countries where there is a large Muslim population. The assassination in Benghazi seems likely a planned terrorist act. The trigger of the protests elsewhere was a video produced in the United States, with U.S. actors depicting the beginnings of Islam in a very silly and negative light. ("The Innocence of Muslims")

Feelings may be very riled (View the 12-minute trailer on YouTube, to see how silly and poorly made the video was, if it hasn't been taken down.)

What do you do in your ESL classroom?

One possibility is to ignore the news skip the front page article or let students read it on their own if they choose. All the facts are not known, and many things are distorted by the media. With younger students, I'd follow this practice.

Another tack you might take is to write out the First Amendment to the Constitution on the board. Have students read it and understand its meaning. (You can download my free "translation" of the U.S. Constitution into Simple English.) Stress to the students that our freedom of press and speech allow even political and religious enemies to say, write, or produce anything they want to. People may criticize our government or any religion as much as they want to, unless they are inciting to a violent overthrow of our government. People who are not public figures may sue others for printing (libel) or saying (slander) things that are not true that harm their reputation...Politicians, famous people, movie stars and other public figures do not have the right to sue.

The situation can be volatile in classes with or even without Muslim students. Handle with care, and help students learn facts without ingesting prejudicial views. Emphasize that judging a group by the actions of some extremist members of that group is sloppy thinking. This refers both to some Muslims' anger at the U.S. for the movie, and for some Americans' anger at Muslims for the protests and the killings. Point out that what we see in the media may be distorted by the politics of journalists and owners of newspapers.

With emotions possibly high, protect yourself from any repercussions. Allow any Muslim students to express their own feelings on the issue, and protect that under the freedom of speech. Use utmost discretion when voicing your own opinion. Stick to facts, and don't rely on the news media to have all the facts yet.

Americans fiercely guard our freedom of speech. This conflicts with Muslims fiercely guarding the sanctity of the Prophet Mohammed. Only when people can see and understand each other's point of view can a mature and peaceful resolution come out of it. This is a hard one.

There is a great gulf between Western and Muslim ideas about what is allowable to print or present. Americans have become used to all sorts of jokes, movies, satires, put downs, cartoons, etc. of Christian, Jewish, and other religious practices as well as movies. We deplore it mostly, but we've become inured to it.

Some Americans are offended by some movies and show their dislike by marching with signs, boycotting, and otherrelatively innocuous responses. We have learned to generally tolerate others' freedom of speech. On the other hand, Muslims' personal identity is tied in with their love and appreciation of Mohammed. It is extremely upsetting for them to know he is being maligned. For Muslims, freedom of speech is license to do harm. They are honor-bound by their religion to defend their Prophet. We can defend the concept of freedom of speech at the same time being compassionate for other people's feelings.

Contents of Easy English NEWS for November 2012

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