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I'm out of the country as I write this E-News, in the land of my forebears: St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada. The little village has shrunk, I am told to 360 residents. I live (for a few weeks of the summer, anyway) in a restored sea captain's home just outside the village. If I go to the library, and input my maiden name and birth date into a certain program, up will pop a list of everyone in the village past and present that I am related to, and by what degree: the librarian, the clerk at the general store, the guy who runs the camp grounds, the carpenter who built my porch, the founder of the village.... It is a mind-boggling experience to meet people and learn we are cousins of one sort or another. My father had served in the RCAF, had been killed overseas in WW II, so I was raised in the U.S., and didn't feel my Canadian roots until I returned here in 1995 for a family reunion.

All this after years of moving and feeling that I don't belong wherever I was. Here, I belong. What a feeling it is to belong...and what a false notion we humans carry around, that we don't belong wherever we are...

We all belong right here, where we are...the evidence for that is that we are here. And our students, who might easily have the feeling as they walk into a new locale or building or social group may have that unexpressed but deeply felt idea of not belonging. But the truth is, they belong here, and the evidence for their belonging here is that they are here.

What a privilege it is for ESL teachers to help people know that they belong...even before assimilating, before perfecting English, before becoming citizens, before "making it."

I remember, as a youngster, living on the south side of Little Falls, New York, and regarding that as the right place to live...but when my friends and I went to the north side to go to the town's only ice skating rink, a few northsiders said, "go back to the south side where you belong..." it wasn't long after that, that I said the same to a northsider who came to the play ground on the south side...and felt quite superior and justified...there was no adult around to correct my perception and my passed-along unkindness. Thus is silliness propagated and territories mindlessly defended by the insecure child inside us. The shame and shock of course is that we have adult citizens and Congresspeople and even a senator or two who issue the same kinds of putdowns to immigrants...Our students' courage in facing this is an inspiration. We ESL teachers, counselors, tutors, advisors are in the business of sharing belonging...learning English is more than acquiring a language to get a job with or talk to a landlord or doctor or store clerk with. It's therapy for many of the pains of not belonging.

Contents of Easy English NEWS for September 2013

Are You Ready for the Future? A dizzying collection of the new technology that is affecting our lives. Great discussion materials .

How Much is Education Worth to You? This article should help motivate students to stay in school and get as much education for a later career as they can.

Events in September covered in Easy English NEWS:
    • Labor Day
    • Rosh Hashana
    • Yom Kippur
    • Patriot Day
    • Back to School
    • Grandparents Day
    • Constitution Day
    • Hispanic-American Heritage Month
    • First Day of Autumn
    • Family Health and Fitness Day

Some new things available, and some price changes

Your Health: Dr Ali's articles won't be appearing this school year, but by September 10, we will have available in reproducible form, an anthology of 31 of his past articles, with word help, for $10 at my website.

Ask a Speech Coach: Will show up in October

America the Beautiful: This department gave way this month to the amazing article on Are You Ready for the Future? We'll return to it in October.

Heroes and History: Ellis Island (which unfortunately is closed for repairs since Hurricane Sandy. Good connection to the upcoming discussions of a hopefully comprehensive immigration reform act when Congress passes it.

Ask Elizabeth: This column is back for occasional answers to students questions

Plus our regular features: This Is Your Page (readers' stories),  Funny Stuff, Idioms, the Crossword Puzzle, Let's Talk About It, and Word Help.

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