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We need your feedback.
What do you want to see next year (September 2011 to June 2012)
in Easy English NEWS?

We're moving!

Preview of April's Easy English NEWS

Dr. Ali invitation


Your input is important! It's time for me to start mapping out the content and departments for Easy English NEWS for next year. Since it's your newspaper, I'd like to hear from you. If you get your newspaper by UPS, a feedback form is included in your package.

Which articles are your students' favorites? What's missing? What suggestions do you have for improvement? Would you want an audio version of Easy English NEWS available at the website?

You can mail that form back to us . However, if you haven't received a feedback form, there is one posted at our website. If you want to have your voice heard (and I read every one) please print it out and either

or fax it back to me at (fax) 757-426-2162, by May 1, 2011.

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We're moving!

After I moved to a home in Virginia Beach in 2007, the Easy English NEWS' office stayed in its New Jersey home under the expert eyes of Tina DiBella and Fumie Fukushima, who handled your orders with great care and dedication. With the marvels of modern technology, daily phone calls, faxes, and emails, this worked out well.

Starting April 18, the office will be down here in Virginia where its "mother" (me) can visit it personally to stir the pot without driving 400 miles. In fact, I will enjoy a daily bikeride for the 2-mile commute.

We'll be sadly saying goodbye and thank you to Tina and Fumie (who will remain consultants, since so much of our business and our customer information is in their heads.) They loved working with our subscribers, and will miss you.

At the same time, we're saying hello and welcome to Becky Russell and Elaine Simpson who will be managing the office, customer service, and packing and shipping of books, and bringing some feng shui into our quarters. With full time office hours, we hope to serve you without having to play telephone tag.

Our newspapers will still be printed by JB Offset in Norwood, New Jersey. Monthly packing of newspapers will still be handled by Metropolitan Fliers in Westwood, NJ.

Our new address for orders, payments, and returns, starting April 18:

Elizabeth Claire, Inc.
2100 McComas Way, Suite 607
Virginia Beach, VA 23456.

New telephone: 757-430-4308
Our toll free number will stay the same: 888-296-1090
New Fax: 757-430-4309

Our email remains the same:

Preview: Easy English NEWS for April 2011
  • Earthquake. Tsunami. Meltdown? Your students may have learned much about the catastrophes in Japan, but here are the structures and the vocabulary to talk about it in English and share their reactions.
  • Life in the U.S.A. The U.S. Legal system--part 6: Prisons in the U.S. A little bit about life in prison, prison populations, the three-strikes laws, parole, and the consequences for prisoners' families.
  • Events in April covered in Easy English NEWS:
    • April Fools' Day
    • Passover
    • Tax scams
    • Earth Day
    • Easter
Richard Lederer on Crazy English: Beautiful English (How the sounds of words affect us)

Your Health: Dr. Majid Ali: Aches and Pains (an inexpensive and very effective home remedy: topical castor oil applications)

Income Tax Returns

Heroes and History: Superceded this month by the turmoil in many countries: Maps, charts, and introduction to the protests occurring in many countries in northern Africa and the Middle East.

Plus our regular features:
This Is Your Page (readers' stories),  Funny Stuff, Idioms, the Crossword Puzzle, Let's Talk About It, and Word Help

Dr. Ali's Invitation

Dr. Majid Ali, who writes a column for Easy English NEWS, is a highly regarded out-of-the-box thinker, an expert in both western, eastern, and alternative medicine. He is a fountain of wisdom in the ways the body repairs itself and gets itself well. His vast store of knowledge and insights have been gained from years as a pathologist and his habit of listening carefully to his patients. He wants to share these insights and provide alternative ways of looking at healing and health. He doesn't write in "easy English" so his columns aren't for new speakers of English. However, teachers and others will find his information profound and life-preserving. (I know, 5 years ago, I fled from doctors who wanted to radiate me..."Cancer is a big thing," he said, "so I am going to give you one hundred little things." The benefit is that the side effects of his protocol have no adverse side effects, and I am healthier and more energetic than at any time in my life.

Sign up for his free weekly E-Mail Column at his website:

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Elizabeth Claire
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