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Free game for June

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Preview of June's Easy English NEWS

Free game for June

Charging down to the year end finish line? Exhausted? Need a lesson plan full of fun? Here is a game that needs very little explaining and builds communication skills...the nonverbal kind. You can download the game "Show Off" free from our website. Any number from four or more with high beginner English ability can play.

Here's how to play:

Objectives: Students will gain confidence in their ability to use non-verbal means to get their ideas across. They will increase their ability to work as part of a team. All will have fun. Print out the pages from the Show Off game and cut the page into slips of paper, each with one word.

Put the words into a paper bag or hat, or some container. If desired, you can fold the pieces of paper.

Divide your class into two teams. You will need a person as timer, and a clock or watch with a second hand.

Create a score sheet or mark off an area of the board to keep score. The score will be counted by seconds. The team with the LOWEST score wins. (That is, they guessed the words the quickest.)

The first person from Team One picks a word from the bag. He or she doesn't say the word and doesn't show it to teammates. After reading the word to him/herself, the word is passed to the other team who will then each silently read it and know what is being acted out, and therein lies the fun.

If the player does not know the word, he or she can ask you for an explanation off to the side where others can't hear.

The timer says "GO!" and the person acts out the word with gestures, actions, and other body language. He or she is not allowed to speak or point to things in the room or on his or her body or clothing. They act out how to use the object, or may draw the object in the air. Teammates call out guesses.

When someone correctly says the word, the player says YES!, and the timer reports the time. If the team calls out a word similar but not quite right, the player can indicate through nodding the head and other gestures that their answers are close and they should continue guessing in that direction.

120 seconds is the maximum score, even if it takes more time. The round is over when the word is guessed or the player gives up after two minutes.)

Then the first player on the other team picks a word, and acts it out for his or her own team.

(Before playing, demonstrate how to act out words, letting the whole class call out answers until it is guessed, and point out the time it takes.)

Follow up. When all the words have been used, have students create their own words for the opponents to act out. They can use picture dictionaries or their textbooks to choose words that are known, and to be able to spell the words accurately.

Other modes of playing. Have students DRAW the item on the paper for teammates to guess. Keep score as before.

CLICK here for free Show Off Game.

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Sale: All CDs 50% off regular price

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Preview: Easy English NEWS for June 2011

  • Are we safer? The death of Osama bin Laden.
  • Life in the U.S.A. Summer Safety. What to do in case of a dozen types of summer dangers, and how to prevent them. Can save a life!
  • Events in June and July covered in Easy English NEWS:
    • Flag Day
    • Graduation
    • Father's Day
    • Weddings
    • Independence Day
 Your Health: Dr. Majid Ali: Cold hands and Cold Feet and the stress connection.

Heroes and History: Prohibition. The great experiment on managing people's drinking habits.

Plus our regular features:
This Is Your Page (readers' stories),  Funny Stuff, Idioms, the Crossword Puzzle, Let's Talk About It, and Word Help

Hurricane season will soon be upon us, so if you haven't downloaded it

Click here for Hurricane Safety in Simple English.

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Click here for June's Teacher's Guide and Reproducible Quizzes.

Click here for Easy English NEWS Cloze Tests for June.

Click here for The United States Constitution in Simple English.

Elizabeth Claire

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