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Easy English NEWS for September: What's in it?
(advance notice)

Easy English NEWS will be shipped from New Jersey on August 24, and delivered to subscribers on the east coast by August 26, and reach the west coast by September 1st.

September's feature article is Wash Your Hands! tips on preventing the spread of the swine flu.

The news about swine flu, its spread, treatment, vaccines, and effects will change rapidly during the next few weeks. It's hard to bring you current news when the printer's deadline is August 14, but you won't be reading the paper with your classes until mid-September.

You will find information prepared for you in easy English posted at starting September 15th so you and your class can keep up to date on this developing story.

U.S. government experts and the World Health Organization urge vaccination for many groups of vulnerable people. They may make vaccination mandatory for school age children and others.

Teachers who want to learn about another side of vaccination can go to to see Dr. Gary Null's video Vaccine Nation.

For our September back to school issue,
we have:

  • Tips for success in school
  • Does education pay? The costs and payoffs of high school and higher education
  • Covered Events in September are
    • Labor Day
    • Back to School
    • Patriot Day
    • Ramadan
    • Hispanic Heritage Month begins September 15. Our article includes a feature on the new Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor.
    • Grandparents Day
    • Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur
    • Constitution Day
    • Autumn Begins
    • Hispanic Heritage Month

America the Beautiful (our geography feature) is St. Augustine, Florida, to tie in with Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Heroes and History feature is The Names of the States --
showing how state names hold clues to American history.

This open ended article with a large U.S. map allows multiple ways to use it in the classroom, from learning map features, state names and locations, and understanding a bit of our English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and American Indian heritage.

The Hurricane Season article helps newcomers in the path of a hurricane know how to prepare.

Plus the regular features: Reader's stories, Ask Elizabeth, Funny Stuff, Idioms, Crossword Puzzle, discussion questions and Word Help.

If you would like to find out more about this 12-page 11 x 17 monthly newspaper for adults and young adults learning English, click here to learn more about Easy English NEWS. There are deep discounts for class sets.

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Free download

Metric/US Measurement System Conversion Chart

In addition to the challenge of learning English, newcomers must deal with a new monetary system, and the complex and irrational English/US measuring system for weights, distances, volumes, and temperatures.

You can print out a copy of this easy-to-use Conversion chart for each student to keep taped inside his or her notebook, and use it for many types of lessons. One suggestion is to copy it to a page at half size to provide a wallet size version for students to carry with them. Click here for the conversion chart.

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Elizabeth Claire