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On addictions

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Contents of Easy English NEWS for January 2014

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On addictions

Our front page story this month is Addictions in the U.S. Writing about one of the U.S.'s greatest health problems is more than an academic exercise for me. We have to catch the kids when they are really small, to instill in them a strong awareness of being responsible for their own futures. We have to educate parents new to the country about the risks out there.

"To be human is to be prone to addiction. Choose your addictions wisely."

I admit it. I have been addicted to various things, and now am addicted to producing Easy English NEWS way past the normal time for retirement.

I have been addicted to sugar, reading mysteries, dogs, writing, love, garage sales, and computer games. Although my addictions are not socially disapproved of, I know the difficulty of maintaining balance, and the struggle to stay "clean" when I got out of balance. I can empathize with people who have gotten themselves addicted to far more deleterious habits or substances.

I am now sugar free. It took cancer to do it, seven years ago. I am recovering from a computer game addiction, though there were months when I got no sleep, no exercise, no time outdoors, because I could not stop. I considered using a taser or a cattle prod on myself.

And I've lived with addicts...the pain is great. It's hardest for the family when the addict denies his having trouble or causing trouble. One in four people's lives are touched by alcohol or addiction. So I am writing for at least 25% of our readers...

When I saw the difficulties a family member of mine was having with addiction, I invited him to live with me. There had been: dangers of overdosing, painful withdrawal, depression, relapsing, jail, hospitals, again trying, again relapsing. He certainly didn't want to be addicted. "It sucks," he said. He wanted a normal life.

It was a time of great courage and straining for him, and a time of alternating between anxiety and elation for me. I went to classes and support groups for families of addicts and to Alanon. With nutrition, counseling, AA, he was up and down. There were good days and bad. He was at fault in an auto accident that totaled his car. Another accident totaled his moped, the replacement transportation. He was arrested for DUI. He spent time in jail. He had creditors hounding him. He was hospitalized. The services available did not work for long for him. He was a willing worker, but lost four jobs. Life with him was interesting, and not at all easy. It was hard to look back and remember he had been captain of his football team, an A+ student, a genius in many areas, creative, inventive.

I am thankful that he is still alive, in much better shape than a year ago, a year wiser, maybe going to outgrow step by step... The struggle goes on.

There's help out there, and there are long waiting lists, or the help is outrageously expensive. I am wondering if the Affordable Care Act, that promises treatment for drug addiction, can handle these expenses.

Prevention, of course, is best. Teachers, parents, and society have to do a much better job in creating an awareness and helping youngsters at a very early age to value their life and know the dangers.

Do your best.

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Contents of Easy English NEWS for January 2014

Addiction in the U.S. Part 1 An out line of the problems, and a few resources.

Shopping for Groceries, Part 4: Food Safety: How to shop, store, prepare, serve food to avoid contamination and food poisoning

Events in January covered in Easy English NEWS:
    • The Calendar
    • New Year's Day
    • New Year's Resolutions
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    • Chinese New Year
    • the State of the Union Address

Ask Elizabeth: Rote learning; Understanding abbreviations on paychecks

Ask a Speech Coach: Forming and pronouncing the sound least likely to be in the students' native language: /th/

Heroes and History: A two-page spread summarizing the high and low points of how the United States grew from 13 colonies on the East Coast to the third largest country in the world.

Animal Language comparing the ways people in different languages hear animals sounds. Also, animals in cliches and descriptions.

Plus our regular features: This Is Your Page (readers' stories),  Funny Stuff, Idioms, the Crossword Puzzle, Let's Talk About It, and Word Help.

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