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Hi Folks,

I hope you are keeping cool, and revitalizing your energies. Soon, I hope to be doing that, too.

I've pushed back the dates of our vacations. Our office will be closed July 4 to July 18. There'll be no one to tend the phones or process orders, so be forewarned. For questions, comments, and readers' stories, send by email, which will be monitored:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the NEWS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are subscription prices for Easy English NEWS for the school year 2013-2014?

A. We are holding the line. Prices for all orders we receive before December 31, 2013 will not increase. You can use the same order form for subscriptions. Click here.

Q. Have book prices increased?

A. Several publishers have increased their costs to us; Books published by Eardley remain at the same prices until December 31, 2013.

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Choosing the NEWS

I always found it curious that each of the TV network's daily news programs had more or less the same stories to report each day, even if their slant on them was different.

Of all the billions of events going on in the world, what is it that causes some few events to stand out and make the news?

Most news agencies get their news from the same paid subscriptions to Associated Press, Reuters, United Press International and others. TV networks such as NBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox News send reporters to sites they are alerted to to cover stories in the news...But how do those news agencies decide which events are newsworthy enough to send someone to dig up the facts?

"If it bleeds, it leads" is a sad commentary of what the nightly news thinks people want to watch: disasters, murders, crimes, fires, wars, explosions, sudden deaths, corruption by government officials, murder trials of mothers who kill their own children, racial attacks, terrrorists...It is far more common that most people experience peace, safety, health, well-behaving officials, mothers who care for their families, government carrying on its business, and interracial harmony most of the time. But these calm facts are in the background, and not foreground, so they don't make the news. Alarming tragedies on the roads and deaths from cancer and heart disease happen so frequently they don't make the news unless the numbers in a single incident rise to some trigger point.

Easy English NEWS does not have any reporters on the scenes, and doesn't subscribe to any new services that do, although we do subscribe to Associated Press's images for photos of current events. My aim is to be faithful to the facts as I can determine them through researching first hand sources, comparing second hand sources.... I watch news on four different TV networks, read the Drudge Report, read the Week, Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times, Time magazine, and comb the Internet.

The top front page story in Easy English NEWS is traditionally our current events story. I have to decide on the topic, then research it, write it, submit it for critique and editing, and create its word help and questions...all of that three weeks before the paper is packed up and sent to your classroom.

Since we publish just once a month, it has to be a story with some important substance that will hold attention and still be worth reading and discussing for the following month, if not longer.

How do I choose?

The news content should be relevant, useful, and of interest to adults and young adult newcomers to the country. It should not be so controversial as to create disorder or unease in a ninth grade classroom, even if adult readers could handle it. I haven't yet written about same-sex marriage, trans-gender rights, Catholic priests molesting altar boys or incidents such as burning the Koran or the retaliations for that.

It's my thought that "what you advertise, you'll get more of." So just having crimes and disasters day after day in the news is "advertising" for more of the same behavior.

So ideally, neither should the article dwell on murder, mayhem, war, kidnapping, or other disturbing and depressing themes. The ESL classroom is a place that deserves to be somewhat sheltered...Presumably, if adults want to know the more flagrantly violent news or blood-pressure raising news, they can find hat in their own native language news channels.

For any article I choose, there should be available avenues of research that allow me to get the facts that don't involve copyright infringement...that is, information in general knowledge, or from government sources, from wiki sources.

My job is to foster language acquisition, increase reading skills, and present interesting and useful information. My intention is to present known facts with utter neutralityl. EEN is not a promoter of any political idea or party, religion, or point of view.

I've been sometimes fooled into buying the notion that the mainstream press is reporting important things. After many years of observation and interactions, I've noticed that the press's job is to sell time or space to advertisers, so fear, shock, and morbid curiosity can predominate. Their top news is not necessarily essential to immigrants' assimilation and understanding of the new environment.

Survival skills, holidays, culture, heroes, history, humor, and places to visit aren't in the news, as they are well-known or easily discovered by people who have lived in the U.S for many years. The facts of them are news, however, to the newcomers. My job there is to present them in simple English, without editorializing.

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Elizabeth Claire

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