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Contents of this November E-NEWS

Website News: Supplementary Activities - Refunds Coming

Contents of Easy English NEWS for November 2013

Website News: Supplementary Activities - Refunds Coming

Alas, the grand attempt to package the cloze exercises and short answer tests for each month's Easy English NEWS into one packet of Supplementary Materials and sell them to offset the cost of producing them has failed. The modest cost of $10 didn't put people seemed worth it for the entire year's worth. But the process was not smooth, instructions were not clear, locations not easily found, teachers were frustrated.

So, for the matter of your convenience and ours, the Supplementary Activities will again be free. I promise to get them to the website by the first of the month of the current issue. You can check to see if the current one is already posted when you get your newspaper, but please don't call or email that you can't find them until you give me a chance to actually write them. (Can't do them too much faster than that, because the newspaper has to be complete and off to press as well as the Teacher Guide before I can turn to producing the Supplementary Activities. Sometimes I even do laundry first. :-)

We are preparing the checks to return the $10 to anyone who has paid for the Supplementary Activities. You can download them as you did last year. Or if you never downloaded them before (as two separate documents 1. Cloze Exercises and 2. Short Answer Tests) you can click here to find September and October, packets. If by some miracle November is already there, how lucky we are.

Do you miss the articles by Dr. Ali? The Reproducible E-Book packet of 31 articles from past columns of Your Health by Dr. Ali, in Simple English can be purchased on line at the website for $10. Click Here.

Likewise, Treasure Chest #1, a potpourri of reproducible games, songs, and useful stuff is also $10. Check them out: Click here to see description below.

At, add the item to your cart, pay by credit card, and then look for an email with instructions about finding these PDF documents in "My Account" and downloading them and saving them to your own computer to print out as many copies as you need for your students...this year and next and the next.

Contents of Easy English NEWS for November 2013

With the news from Washington changing by fractions each day of the shutdown, it was hard to put a final stamp on the front page article. I had to keep rewriting it to keep it current...At last, it was time to go to press, and the article didn't fit the space...Far too many money troubles and ifs and arguments.

What to do? I hopefully projected that the conversation about the debt ceiling would be resolved by the time students see the paper, so I cut that. It was far too much bad news for an immigrant to contemplate in his or her new country, and needed too many conditional sentences...if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling...if interest rates go up...if people can't afford to borrow...if ...home sales and car sales go down...if more people are out of work...if our credit rating goes down...if other countries stop trading in U.S dollars...So I hope you are glad I didn't tackle that.

Many people were touched by the shutdown...Luckily, I hadn't booked the planned mid October flight to see the Grand Canyon with my sister, nor the tour, nor the hotel ...but would have lost all that had my sister been well enough to travel. My son works with a government contractor, so was on hold, no work...and since he isn't a government employee, no salary in the interim. Everyone knows someone who has been impacted, including our readers.

Page 1. Shutdown!
Builds vocabulary and discussion of how the shutdown may affect students...Mentions some reasons Democrats and Republicans are at odds over this legislation.

Events in November covered in Easy English NEWS:

    • American Indian Heritage Month
    • All Saints' Day/All Souls' Day
    • Dia de Los Muertos
    • Election Day
    • Daylight Saving Time ends
    • Veterans Day
    • November 22 (Anniversary of JFK assassination)
    • The Great American Smokeout
    • Thanksgiving
    • Hanukkah
    • Black Friday
Ask Elizabeth: U.S. Measuring System, part 2. Weights

Ask a Speech Coach...Pronouncing medial t. (Surprisingly inconsistent.)

America the Beautiful: Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts

Heroes and History: Squanto, friend of the Pilgrims

Obamacare, Part 2: I illustrate the levels of health insurance: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and vocabulary of insurance policies: premium, deductible, co-pay, etc. (Next month, we'll explain how much the government will subsidize people, based on their income, and describe how to get help at to buy insurance.)

Watch out for Scams: With the online health care exchanges, the setting is perfect for identity theft. Warn emphatically.

Plus our regular features: This Is Your Page (readers' stories),  Funny Stuff, Idioms, the Crossword Puzzle, Let's Talk About It, and Word Help.

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