Tim Cherry Newsletter Vol 5 2012
Tim Cherry Sculpture Designs
A Sojourn to the Sea
Red fish 2012
Tim and a 32" Redfish
Tim has been meeting with two very dear friends and wonderful sculptors Martin Gates and Darrell Davis for a "research and development conference" on the gulf coast of Florida.  The trio pursue the elusive redfish, flounder, sea trout and the occasional shark!  Together they have witnessed amazing acts of nature and enjoyed many sunsets.  Without a doubt they have fun, get away and accept whatever life throws at them for the week.

here do they come from?
Tim and Flounder
After one of Tim's "research and development confereences"  he created "Flat Fish".  "I find flounders especially interesting with their beautiful simple shapes and lines making a perfect model for my sculptural style.  They are born with eyes on each side of their head and swim vertically. Within weeks they roll over to one side becoming horizontal and one eye moves to the top to be along side the other.  They are also very camouflaged on the top and white on the bottom.  An adaption of nature that I find truly amazing."

"Flat Fish" is shown in his Bronze Camouflage!

flat fish TIm Cherry
Maybe they really are "research and development"  trips!
Tim studies nature everyday.

"A School of Flat Fish"
Below is a photo of a very unique installation using Flat Fish,
In three different mediums,
Alabaster, Bronze and Stainless Steel.

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

Cat Nap
19” H x 10”L x 10”W
Edition of 18
Cat Nap was orginally commissioned for the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock .

Racing Razorback

(Shown in Clay)
18" x 30" x 7"
Edition of 18
Commissioned for the Arkansas Children's Hospital LIttle Rock, Arkansas

A few of the most recent intallations, so fun to see all of the critters all over the country.   There are more installations photos at Living with Sculpture on the Website.
Tim Cherry Installations

SHOWS December

American Art Invitational
Through December 31, 2012
Saks Galleries
Denver, Colorado
Showing House Sitter and Squirrel Scratch

December 1, 2012

A Gift Guide
TIm Cherry Sculpture Designs
Sculptures about to sell out and sold out.
Bodacious Bunny
Otter Motion
Heads or Tails (small)
Royal Red
Puma Poise (small)
Maternal Wrap

High Jump (small)
Salmon Spiral - National Sculpture Society Award Winner
butterball tim cherry
We are so thankful
for all our friends and family.
We hope you had a wonderful

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