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When the law has been subverted and turned against the very populace it was supposedly created to protect the populace is obliged to defend itself and their children. When only your enemy is allowed to talk and all they talk about is what they “have” to do to you it’s time to stop talking and start fighting.

What most people don’t realize, particularly Americans where they’ve never had to fight and there was always an option, is once the first blows are exchanged all that talk goes right out the window and nobody even remembers how it all started. Much maligned but still the only place where a man can find glory the battlefield is the most beautiful place a man can go. It’s the only place where dialecticians dare not tread...
There is only one answer for the billionaire scum and their sycophantic lackeys in the media and politics who think they can talk us all to death. The French, as usual, seem to have figured it out first. Joe Biden, America's unelected and as far as I am concerned outlaw president, loves to talk but he only says things that have been sanctioned by the institution that has installed him, absurd as they may be. He has threatened to use nuclear weapons on the American people and told them they have no chance against their own military.
Joe Biden has never had a fight in his life, he didn’t even fight for the presidency. It was handed to him by the institution. He wasn’t in Richmond on Martin Luther King Day in 2020 when a hundred thousand well-armed Americans of all races, colors and creeds sent Virginia's globalist stooge of a governor, unelected, scurrying down to the basement of the capital building while his police outside, also unelected unlike the Sheriffs leading the people’s army confronting them, cowered on the corners.
I was and I can tell you Joe Biden; a well-armed militia is nothing to scoff at even for the best equipped army, as has been proven in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Yemen but you won’t find that on your teleprompter.
If I could, I would tell Joe Biden that yes he can use nuclear weapons or use the American military to rout an insurrection, but he can only do this once or twice before that military turns against him and deals with him and his cronies accordingly. The American military is 70% made up of the children of the Red States and it will stay that way for the foreseeable future as long as America plans on winning wars. You’ve already used the media to its fullest extent to influence, employing full spectrum dominance of all information, yet you have been unable to convince people to take what you tell them is their medicine. Do you think you will have any more luck convincing them to nuke their parents?
But Biden will not listen to me. I am not a Chinese billionaire with a checkbook in my hand. The following article is reproduced from a BBC 7/19/2021 article, no doubt written by a degenerate child molester because that is a nonnegotiable requirement to work for the BBC, just get a load of the “guy” in their Video... The original articles linked to the title if you can stand the stench and the lisping.
Covid vaccination centres vandalised in France
“More than 100,000 people protested against the French government's new coronavirus measures at the weekend
Two vaccination centres have been ransacked in France amid protests over the government's introduction of tougher coronavirus rules.
One site in south-east France was vandalised and flooded with fire hoses on Friday night, authorities said. A day later, another clinic in the south-west was partially destroyed in what local media called an arson attack.
The incidents came on a weekend of demonstrations against Covid measures.
On Saturday, more than 100,000 people took to the streets across France to denounce rules designed to tackle rising infections.
The controversial measures include
 mandatory vaccinations for health workers and health passes to access most public places. Critics have accused President Emmanuel Macron's government of violating their freedoms.
Anti-vaccine graffiti was found near a vandalised vaccination centre in Lans-en-Vercors near the south-eastern city of Grenoble. Saturday's arson attack targeted a clinic in the village of Urrugne near Biarritz in the south-west.
Meanwhile at a rally in Paris on Saturday, French politician Martine Wonner told protesters to "lay siege" to the offices of lawmakers who backed the government's Covid policies.
A prominent sceptic of Covid vaccines, Ms Wonner faced a potential legal inquiry and was forced to quit her opposition group in parliament on Sunday. She said her words had been misconstrued.
France has seen several acts of violence and vandalism against lawmakers who supported the new vaccination rules.
Yet hundreds of thousands of people have signed up for the jabs [France is a nation of sixty-five million people...] after Mr Macron unveiled the plan last week. His government is attempting to curb the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, which is causing a surge in hospital admissions. More than 111,000 people have died with Covid in France during the pandemic, which has severely damaged the country's economy.
Last week, a panel of scientists who advise the French government warned of a fourth wave in the coming months. Only a little over half of the population has received a first dose and less than 40% have had two shots.
Surveys suggest there is widespread vaccine hesitancy in France.
 A study by Ipsos late last year found only 40% of people surveyed in France intended to receive a Covid vaccine.” – the BBC [MI 6]
Where I come from sixty to forty is an overwhelming majority. Macron is seeking to subvert the very mother of democracy; France, and should be dealt the same fate as Louis XVI and his whore Marie Antoinette. And remember the guillotine was invented for those who begged to differ... 
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Back in America which has always been a fake democracy as attested to by its first Civil War we grow ever closer to the second. Biden who is at best senile and at worst a robot developed by Raytheon, which would explain why one of Raytheon’s board members is the Secretary of Defense, I suspect both, continues to instigate. Since Biden was installed through a fraudulent election and the federal government is sitting on piles of evidence proving it he cannot afford to allow Americans a first amendment. It’s starting to look doubtful that actor Donald Trump and the CIA, masquerading as Q, can maintain their roles as controlled opposition on all the major podiums till the next election.
Recently: “The White House turned up the pressure on Silicon Valley to get a handle on vaccine misinformation Thursday, specifically singling out 12 people one group dubbed the "disinformation dozen," saying they were responsible for a great deal of misinformation about Covid-19.”
(1) One of their victims was Dr. Kevin Barrett over at Veterans Today whom the associated press accused back in February of being a “superspreader” and saying that he was: 80%” sure coronavirus was created by elements within the U.S. government as a bioweapon and used to attack China,” (2) a heinous crime that the Jesuits tried to get me to commit. As a result, of these obscene and amazingly well coordinated efforts to step up their campaign to inject the world with a concoction that it should be apparent by now to the cognizant is unspeakably evil, Dr. Barrett has been deplatformed from Patreon to the tune of 3,383.92 a month. (3) 
We’ve done what we can, there will be no more anti vaccination information on Patreon. Besides at this point only a complete rube or a coward is going to take IG Farben's “vaccine.” The fact that we have constructed social orders in the West where compliant sheep like that can prosper is a crime against nature. There is no way to avoid prosecution. Let them get their vaccine, let them die, its inevitable. That is how Nature prosecutes her enemies, with extinction events...
1 - O'Sullivan, Donie. "White House turns up heat on Big Tech's Covid 'disinformation dozen'." CNN Business. 16 2021. Web.
2 - KLEPPER, DAVID, FARNOUSH AMIRI and BEATRICE DUPUY. "The superspreaders behind top COVID-19 conspiracy theories." AP News. 14 Feb 2021. Web.
3 - Barrett, Kevin. "Censored by Patreon, I’m Moving to Substack." Veterans Today. 11 Jul 2021. Web.
This next article is reproduced without pictures from a July fifteenth email sent out by liberal icon Glen Greenwald. Seems Dirty Nancy, as she’s likely known in the Bohemian Grove for her strange sexual fetishes, is not only a pig but a very greedy piggy indeed. Nancy, who also has a robot double as you can see from this video, has been looting Wall Street while her constituents burn down the rest of the country.    

Nancy and Paul Pelosi Making Millions in Stock Trades in Companies She Actively Regulates by Glenn Greenwald
 July 15

The Speaker, already one of the richest members in Congress, has become far richer through investment maneuvers in Big Tech, as she privately chats with their CEOs.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the 
sixth-richest member of Congress, according to the most recent financial disclosure statements filed in 2019. As the California Democrat has risen through party ranks and obtained more and more political power, her personal wealth has risen right along with it. Pelosi “has seen her wealth increase to nearly $115 million from $41 million in 2004,” reports the transparency non-profit group Open Secrets. Even by the standards of wealth that define that legislative body — "more than half of those in Congress are millionaires” — the wealth and lifestyle of the long-time liberal politician and most powerful lawmaker in Washington are lavish.
And ever since ascending to the top spot in the House, Pelosi and her husband, Paul, keep getting richer and richer. Much of their added wealth is due to extremely lucrative and "lucky” decisions about when to buy and sell stocks and options in the very industries and companies over which Pelosi, as House Speaker, exercises enormous and direct influence.

The sector in which the Pelosis
 most frequently buy and sell stocks is, by far, the Silicon Valley tech industry. Close to 75% of the Pelosis’ stock trading over the last two years has been in Big Tech: more than $33 million worth of trading. That has happened as major legislation is pending before the House, controlled by the Committees Pelosi oversees, which could radically reshape the industry and laws that govern the very companies in which she and her husband most aggressively trade.
To underscore the towering conflict of interest at the heart of Speaker Pelosi's self-enrichment, consider the company in which the Pelosis traded most often: Apple. Buying and selling in that one company accounted for 17.7% of the Pelosis’ overall trading volume. And yet, during this same period, Pelosi held at least one private conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook about the state of Apple and possible effects on the company from various pending bills to reform Silicon Valley.
On June 22, The New York Times 
reported on “a forceful and wide-ranging pushback by the tech industry since the [antitrust reform] proposals were announced this month.” In particular, “executives, lobbyists, and more than a dozen think tanks and advocacy groups paid by tech companies have swarmed Capitol offices, called and emailed lawmakers and their staff members, and written letters arguing there will be dire consequences for the industry and the country if the ideas become law.” But one of the most important steps taken against these bills was a personal call placed by Apple's CEO directly to Pelosi:
In the days after lawmakers
 introduced legislation that could break the dominance of tech companies, Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, called Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress to deliver a warning. . . . When Mr. Cook asked for a delay in the Judiciary Committee’s process of considering the bills, Ms. Pelosi pushed him to identify specific policy objections to the measures, said one of the people.
Sources who refused to be identified tried to convince the Times’ reporters that "Ms. Pelosi pushed back on Mr. Cook’s concerns about the bills.” But in doing so, they confirmed the rather crucial fact that Pelosi was having personal, private conversations with the CEO of a company in which she and her husband were heavily invested and off of which they were making millions of dollars in personal wealth. And Pelosi, according to the report, asked Cook what changes were needed to avoid harming Apple and other Silicon Valley giants. Can even the hardest-core Democratic partisan loyalist justify this blatant conflict of interest and self-dealing?

Indeed, all five of the Pelosis’ most-traded stocks over the last two years just so happen to be the five Silicon Valley giants that would be most affected by pending legislation. Four of them — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google — were all of the companies identified by the House Antitrust Subcommittee 
as being classic monopolies, while the fifth — Microsoft — has sent executives to repeatedly testify before Democratic-led House committees to defend Democrats’ pending bills. In other words, the Pelosis are trading stock most heavily in the exact companies whose future can be most shaped by the bills Pelosi and her lieutenants are negotiating and shepherding through Congress:

Beyond that, Google — one of the companies in which the Pelosis’ stock trades have made millions — is 
one of the top five donors to the House Speaker. The wealthy couple buys and sells in Google stock, making millions. She works on bills that directly affect the future trajectory of Google. And they lavish her campaign coffers with cash, a key source of her entrenched power.

Multiple times over the last several years, serious questions have been raised about stock positions taken by the Pelosis that turned out to be immensely profitable under suspicious circumstances. Perhaps the most disturbing was a 
report from Bloomberg News last Wednesday and another from days earlier by Fox Business that documented how Pelosi's husband purchased highly risky options in Google, Apple and other tech companies back in February, 2020, right before the market began plunging due to the COVID epidemic and right before the House, led by his wife, was set to introduce new legislation to regulate those same tech companies. Yet even as the prices in several of those companies plummeted, Paul Pelosi held onto them, only to sell them last June at a massive profit. His option sales on Google alone netted more than $5 million for the couple.

While the trades cannot be declared illegal unless it can be proven that either Pelosi acted on non-public information — in which case it would be the felony of insider trading — the ethical stench is obvious. Just as was true when numerous Senators from both parties
 sold stocks in COVID-related industries before the pandemic began — raising questions about whether they had advance knowledge of what was coming through classified briefings — watching Nancy Pelosi's wealth skyrocket by millions of dollars from trades in the very companies she is directly overseeing creates a sleazy appearance, to put that mildly.

All of this is even more disturbing because, as Fox Business put it, “this is not the first time that investments made by Paul Pelosi have been made in close proximity to happenings in Congress.” Two of the most disturbing incidents:
Paul Pelosi in March exercised $1.95 million worth of 
Microsoft call options less than two weeks before the tech stalwart secured a $22 billion contract to supply U.S. Army combat troops with augmented reality headsets. 
In January, he purchased up to $1 million of 
Tesla calls before the Biden administration delivered its plans to provide incentives to promote the shift away from traditional automobiles and toward electric vehicles.

In response to media inquiries, Pelosi denied that she is involved in or even has knowledge of her husband's stock trading. There is, of course, no way to confirm or disprove that, but what is clear is that the vast wealth generated by those stock trades in companies Pelosi greatly affects — and about which she clearly has non-public information — directly enriches Pelosi herself.

In March of last year — following the controversy over the COVID stock trades — a group of legislators including Representatives Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Joe Neguse (D-CO)
 introduced a bill called the Ban Conflicted Trading Act which would “prohibit Members of Congress and senior congressional staff from abusing their positions for personal financial gain through trading individual stocks and investments while in office or serving on corporate boards.”
While AOC 
called on then-Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) to resign for having dumped stocks after receiving secret COVID briefings — at the same time that Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the same about Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) — she has yet to comment on the repeated stock transactions in which the Pelosis have enriched themselves through companies directly within the purview of Speaker Pelosi's legislative power. She did, however, issue a blanket denunciation back in March of last year — when the focus was on those two Senate Republicans — about this practice:
One would think that one of the richest people in America would be satisfied with that level of wealth — more than anyone could spend in a lifetime — and would decide that she and her husband simply refrain from trading stocks and trying to get richer while she occupies one of the most powerful political positions in the country. But at least when it comes to Nancy Pelosi, you would be wrong. She craves not only greater and greater public political power but also even greater and greater personal wealth, even if her pursuit of it further erodes faith and trust in the U.S. political system.
This article has been extracted from the July 15 edition of Dixie Heritage. Dr. Brush “has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior executive (CEO, GM, and CMO) conducting business internationally since 1988. She is an avid researcher and writer published by Fox, CNBC, Fox Business, Washington Examiner, Washington Post, Newsweek Japan,, The Street, Financial Times China, Bloomberg Business Week, American Thinker, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Training Magazine.”

In other words she has unimpeachable Kosher credentials which are of course problematical. I would sue the Washington Post if they ever dared to publish me. Never the less the article is very good and adequately conveys the frustration White rural Americans are feeling toward urban White Americans, known around these parts as snowflakes, who have never done an honest days work let alone suffered a day in their lives. 

When the woke actually do become woke if they ever do they will realize they are biting the very hand that feeds them. With the bible belt supplying their food and Texas, Alaska and the rest of the Red States supplying their oil the snowflakes should be asking themselves what they give back. The eastern seaboard now produces only paperwork and the western pornography. They are hardly indispensable, give me Miami and Houston and I will live happily ever after. You won't...          
America’s Second Peculiar Institution by Dr. Kathleen Brush

Like the first, America’s Second Peculiar Institution, Wokery, is racist. Instead of Blacks, the victims are White. This institution’s goal is securing minority voters by carrying out campaigns of disinformation that censor, publish propaganda, manipulate search outcomes, and control educational curricula. Execution relies on allies in the media and academia.
Academia has the weighty role of building a foundation for new systems of racism to flourish. To do this, born egalitarians are taught to hate Whites. Using exaggerated tales, untestable theories, and biased materials America’s future leaders are indoctrinated to see Whites as oppressors and minorities as victims. Some children are shamed into a life seeking redemption for being born white. 
Disinformation to support woke/racist laws, programs, and policies is promulgated by mainstream and social media. They hammer disproportional racial/ethnic outcomes in income, incarceration, police shootings, education, and health outcomes as products of systemic racism overseen by white supremacists.
Verified data refuting these assertions by showing the outcomes are products of personal decisions, like what and when to study, raising children with one parent, observing rule of law, and a healthy lifestyle are censored or overridden by propaganda. 
The purpose of disinformation is to misleadingly validate politically motivated decisions, such as passing laws, programs, and policies that favor some races/ethnicities. To fool people, racist initiatives are called equity. The outcomes aren’t fooling anyone. They broadcast the dangers of decisions based on politics rather than data and common sense. The hardest hit are the people Wokery is pretending to help.
The goal of two equity initiatives is to match arrests and incarcerations to racial/ethnic populations instead of the commission of crimes.
One limits police in Black and Latino communities. It’s working, but murders are rising, and 85% of the hardest hit are Black and Latino communities.
A second initiative creates a two-tiered justice system that delivers social justice to Blacks and Latinos and legal justice to Whites and Asians. Portland and Seattle lead the nation in equity in policing and the courts. They were known as cities that were safe and egalitarian. Now, both rank in the top 5% of the least safe cities in the country. The worst-hit are minority neighborhoods experiencing the downsides of social justice.
Outcomes from lowering school performance requirements to permit equitable grades and graduation rates are known. America has been lowering standards for a while and its students perform abysmally on international tests, which affects national competitiveness. Individual student performance, however, still affects personal opportunities. Because performance increasingly relies on household priorities placed on after-school studying, Blacks and Latinos, on average, will suffer more. 
Falsely fingering disproportional health outcomes on a racist health care system will perpetuate unaddressed epidemics in obesity and sedentary lifestyles that lead to many preventable diseases and a decreased quality of life. The hardest hit are Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans.
Biden’s declarations that white supremacy is the “most lethal threat to the homeland” precipitated multiple outcomes. Woke journalists and politicians revived a KKK practice of reflexively accusing one race for horrible minority crimes/accidents. America’s NATO allies are bracing for blowback from America’s ignorance of white supremacy and systemic racism.
These allies plus Russia are the white supremacists. Into the 20th century their empires globally conquered and colonized Black, Asian and indigenous populations then cleansed them based on race, ethnicity, religion, and social class using genocides, cleansings, pogroms, transportation, and enslavement. As to America’s adversaries, they are cheering an opening to the return of Russian and Chinese supremacy.
America was central to ending white supremacy after WWII by facilitating independence for over 100 colonies of white supremacist empires.
In 1964, systemic racism was dealt a death blow that was actualized in the 20th century, making America the leading anti-racist nation.
In pursuit of power, the Democrats have squandered this great American achievement by repugnantly insinuating that America today resembles the Jim Crow era.
In history, Wokery will be remembered for the Democrats perpetuating a second regrettable peculiar institution that inferred and designated people, based on race, as inferior.
Unlike the first institution, this one isn’t legal or an accepted practice in the world. It is not the 0.04% white supremacist population that is the biggest threat to America; it is wokery
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