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First Word from Jack

Once upon a time man was a social animal, much like insects he liked to specialize so he didn’t have to think too much, learn one thing and learn it well and leave it to the rest of the colony to provide the rest. Some men hunt, others fish, and others still build houses, the doctor mends the sick, the teacher teaches, and the journalist reports the news. Civilization works that way much as the insect colony and much like the insect colony when deprived pheromones it will die.  
Concentrating the vital flow of information, the pheromones of civilization, into what has now become five or six corporations that own the entire mainstream media and the tech giants who control the internet looks to be a civilization ending mistake. The corporations, either through greed, deviants, Jews, Nazis, aliens, demonic possession, or all of the above, whatever, have proven to be unreliable and nowhere is it more apparent than in the malevolent circus they call COVID.

At every twist and turn of this world changing event the main stream media has provided nothing but talking points. The internet is even worse with the truth buried in an avalanche of censorship and disinformation. The one thing that’s obvious is the entire human race is being systematically herded into a dystopian nightmare where they will be periodically injected with a foreign substance of nebulous effectiveness and perhaps even with malicious intentions from cradle to grave because the state says so. What’s becoming obvious is this whole scenario has been engineered from the start. Glen Beck follows the money.
After delivering the obligatory feeble minded rightwing salutations to Donald Trump and the wonderful vaccine his administration developed, Beck summarizes why COVID could not have possibly occurred naturally from bats. A moot point since the prestigious Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists came out in May with an article, cited in May in the Bormann faction II, ridiculing the bats gave us COVID theory and tracing it right back to Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance of New York.
EcoHealth Alliance was funding cutting edge research into Corona viruses at the Wuhan Lab. Daszak needs to be arrested not asked for advice. At 21:54 Beck gets to him and his Chinese colleague and fellow assassin; Shi Zhengli, the “bat lady” as she is affectionately called by her comrades at CNN. These cutting-edge experiments performed at the Wuhan lab are called “gain of function,” a benign euphemism for enhancing deadly pathogens to make them even more deadly.
At 26:00 of the video Beck produces a Washington Post article from December 30, 2011, coauthored by Dr Anthony Fauci favoring carrying on this certifiably insane practice. Fauci admits it’s risky, but he justifies taking that risk in order to get ahead on creating vaccines for lethal mutations.
Beck then produces paperwork for a 3.7 million dollar grant the HHS, overseen by Fauci, gave EcoHealth Alliance in June of 2014. The money was allotted to fund research into Corona virus in bats. Some of the money was then diverted by Daszak to the Wuhan lab and Shi Zhengli, who of course loves to play with bats...
At this point the Obama administration stepped in and put a moratorium on all government funding into gain of function research. Apparently the Wuhan lab got their money anyway under a grandfather claim and certification by the NIH, directed by Fauci, that the research was perfectly safe. Through Peter Daszak at American taxpayers expense; cartoon villain and mad scientist extraordinaire Shi Zhengli, along with her multinational band of assistant mad scientists, were able to continue their quest to build a world ending virus using her treasured pet bats.
At 30:30 of the video Dr. Fauci, back in May of this year, clearly lies to the face of Senator Rand Paul on National TV, saying the NIH has never funded gain of function research. Not a minute later Beck treats his audience to some C-span footage from March of 2016 where Daszak boasts: “so we sequence the spiked protein, the protein that attaches to cells. Then we, well I didn’t do this work but my colleagues in China did the work, you insert pseudo particles, you look, you insert spiked proteins from those viruses and see if they bind to human cells. And each step of this you move closer and closer to this virus really could become pathogenic in people.”
At 32:00 Beck asks the question that begs an answer; yet here we are in 2021and so said experts are telling us in medical journals that no one knows where the spiked proteins came from? Beck then produces a New York Post article describing the hospitalization of three Wuhan Lab technicians in November of 2019.
At about 34:00 Beck delivers his payload. On December 9, 2019, twenty-two days before China would report a pneumonia like flu breaking out from Wuhan, doctors, and scientists from all over the world met in Singapore for the Nipah Virus International Conference. Peter Daszak was there, Danelle Anderson who worked at the Wuhan Lab and pioneered the bat did it theory was also there, as was the bat woman herself; Shi Zhengli. Daszak introduced her.
The conference was hosted by Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI).  CEPI was launched at the 2017 World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos. “CEPI is already funding academic and biopharmaceutical work on novel vaccines that target some of the most serious known pathogens of global health importance. (1)
CEPI is the brain child of arch vaccine villain Bill Gates. His introduction of CEPI in a January 2017 CBS interview is something to behold. A sardonic smile crosses his dead wrinkled face, and he almost looks alive as he bubbles over with enthusiasm for the DNA/RNA vaccines he is developing. He looks gleeful as he describes how a major epidemic will break down the world’s supply chains and promises that CEPI will vaccinate the whole world. (2)
At the launch of CEPI's investment case in March 2021, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab highlighted that CEPI was founded at Davos in 2017 and today shows the power of what can be achieved through private-public partnerships. To prepare for the future, Schwab urged "all stakeholders to support CEPI’s strategy to systematically reduce the threat posed by future epidemics and pandemics." (3)
At 35:21 Beck produces paperwork showing the Nipah Virus International Conference, besides being hosted by CEPI was cosponsored by the Fauci’s National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization.
At 39: 35 Beck produces a research paper published in May of 2020. The paper showed Mice were being artificially altered at the Wuhan Lab by humanizing their lungs in order that they may be infected with COVID. Beck then produces a publication by Vanity Fair showing these alterations to have taken place some time in the summer of 2019, no doubt by Shi Zhengli who had been carrying out her textbook mad scientist experiments at the Wuhan Lab at least since 2016.
Beck draws the naïve conclusion from all this that the real original animal vector of COVID is the mice from the Wuhan Lab. Beck is dutifully livid that a potential world ending biological weapon was transferred into the hands of communist Red China in order to avoid American sanctions. He is convinced that the blundering Chinese primitives accidentally unleashed COVID with their faulty lab security measures and says it never could have happened at Americas North Carolina Lab. Like most conservatives Beck trails off into incoherence with a standardized Donald Trump narrative and as far as reality is concerned you can turn it off anytime after 39:53 when Beck produces the documentation for the mouse alterations.
1 - Gerberding, Julie Louise. "The world is too complacent about epidemics. Here's how to change." World Economic Forum. Web. Feb 2019.
2 - Song, Jean. "Bill Gates on how to "outsmart" global epidemics." CBS News. Web. 18 Jan 2017.
3 - "World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab supports CEPI’s $3.5bn plan." CEPIVaccines. Vimeo , Web. Jun 2021.
Final Commentary
Let me qualify anything anyone else has to say by saying I trust no one to get the story right but myself. I had to give them
Peter Daszak
, gift wrapped in the Bormann Faction II. Glenn Beck, alone so far, has done an excellent job with it and he’s given me something back by connecting Daszak, who should be facing the death penalty, with the World Economic Forum. I have a couple of really good reasons not to believe one word of the Asian peril story. Both of them involve what I have seen with my own eyes:
A couple of years ago when I was still taking care of my mother I took her shopping at ShopRite in Babylon. The large supermarket is connected to a bunch of other smaller retail stores, so the ample parking lot is always crowded. When I got out to help my mother I noticed I had parked next a Chinese woman in a hazmat suit loading something into the back of her car as she stripped the suit off. Thinking she was some kind of pesticide applicator, an unusual job for Chinese women but Babylon is New York, I didn’t give her a second thought. But I did the next day when my mother became deathly ill. Even I got sick for a day or two and I never get sick. When I took a ride down to ShopRite to get Nyquil I found the parking lot deserted and a skeleton crew in the store. It was the middle of the day, and the roads were empty as if there had been a blizzard but there wasn’t any snow on the ground. The effect was eerie. Seems everyone in the neighborhood had become dreadfully ill with what the news was reporting as the flu.
About a year later at the dawn of the COVID era my ex-wife was on the cruise ship that aborted its rendezvous with the other cruise ship because four of its passengers from China had COVID. Her ship was diverted back to New Jersey then went to Bermuda without ever even sharing a port with the quarantined ship. Never the less when she got back she was deathly ill with a respiratory illness. No one outside of China, had even gotten COVID yet but the fiasco with the cruise ships was already all over the news. I figured it couldn’t be a coincidence, so I dragged her out from underneath the covers of my bed, yes other people get a T shirt, and brought her to the hospital. I asked them to check for COVID telling them that she was on one of the ships in the News, yet they made light of it, diagnosing her with Influenza B, without ever even testing her for COVID which I now realize they couldn’t. There was no test available yet. I knew right then and there the virus was being manually spread, just like the Chinese woman in the ShopRite parking lot but this time they were using cruise ships and god only knows what else...    
The virus was around long before anyone even heard of COVID, jointly developed by fiendish western capitalists and their vile Asian cronies. It was developed and field tested as a weapon, and I’ll go out on a limb here and say its primary means of infection is manual techniques developed in the seventy-five-year history of chemical warfare against their own people that began in the early fifties with America’s Operation Sea Spray and Great Britain’s Fluorescent Particle Trials. We personally have documented this in
MK Ultra, Remote Controlled Slaves, and a Zombie Empire.
Beck and his viewers seem unable to grasp the fact that is the underlying cause of COVID. It is a weapon, and it is being used as such by the World Economic Forum and their treacherous yellow colleagues in Asia to promote the transhuman agenda of the global elitists.
You, the readers of Jack Heart, have clearly shown in Jack's publications comment sections and FB Posts that you have your own thoughts. The information found and shared here will be published soon as part of the Bormann Faction series. We hope that when it hits the Jack Heart Blog and other outlets you will further develop this information into a prosecutable and actionable case. - Phil, ed.
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