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2:45 - Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and the latest whistle blower, brings a unique set of skills to the table. She analyses intellectual property, appraises the legal landscape for pharmaceutical companies and does clinical evaluations for them, doctors, and consumers. She claims to have authored numerous scientific papers for the industry, and she is 100% certain there is Graphene oxide hidden in the lipid nano particles used to wrap the fragile messenger mRNA, so it is not “chopped to pieces by our natural enzymes if it were injected directly into the body.” (1)  
Without these lipid shells, there would be no mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 and there shouldn’t be either, not without the proper clinical trials. As everyone knows there never were, making any recipient of the said vaccine an idiot of monumental proportions. That is if the media had done its job and reported properly on the history of the said vaccines. Their negligence has been willful and inexcusable, and they are all culpable, main stream and alternative. All one need do is peruse the industry publications. As far as making these said vaccines mandatory, no sentient individual would ever advocate such a thing even if COVID were the Bubonic Plague...  
Only the dangerously ignorant and the criminally insane would lobby to make them mandatory. The mad scientists have been killing rats and mice in their labs for over three decades trying to make these lipid casings feasible for even human experimentation. “Positively charged lipids are inherently toxic, and companies struggled for years before landing on formulations that were safe and effective. When injected intravenously, the particles invariably accumulated in the liver, and delivery to other organs is still an obstacle. (
As it is right now: “Very few companies in the world supply these custom lipids in significant quantities and to the standards needed for vaccine production. On Feb. 5, one of them, the German firm Merck KGaA, announced that it will “significantly accelerate the supply of urgently needed lipids” for BioNTech to use in producing the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
Merck said it has been “working hard” in recent weeks to expand its lipid capacity by further improving production technologies and implementing new process steps. It expects to increase lipid shipments toward the end of 2021. Although Pfizer is so far the main producer of the partners’ vaccine, BioNTech is starting to make it in a facility in Marburg, Germany, that it recently acquired from Novartis.” (
(In order to avoid being directly affiliated with the vaccine Merck ended its siRNA programs in 2013 but until then it was the leader of the RNA formulation team. Jack Heart readers should find none of this surprising. Merck KGaA and Camp King right outside of Marburg, Germany, where one of their little “Ebola” pets got loose, are quite prominent in the discussion of where this all began. That topic was prophetically dealt with five years ago in what should have been our Pulitzer prize winning paint it blue pieces:
MK Ultra, Remote Controlled Slaves and a Zombie Empire, Paint it Blue… and The Blood of Christ – Hemorrhagic Fever, Expendable Humans and Bacteria Gone BeZerk, Paint It Blue…)
4:21 Graphene oxide is the primary ingredient for the hydrogel circuitry which Bill Gates and Elon Musk are proposing to use on people to integrate them directly with the internet. When asked: “So there is a legitimate theory these shots are actually designed to create some sort of connectivity between humans, 5G, whatever this is controlling your thoughts and your memories, all these things, those are realistic and plausible, possible?” She answers: “That’s not possible at this round they rushed this thing out seeing how much they could put into people before they died, honestly.” She hints that the technique will be perfected in the six-month booster shots but says as a scientist she is uncomfortable speculating and would prefer to stick to the data.   
6:07 Citing an article in the trade publication Chemical & Engineering Kingston documents that: “LNPs used in the COVID-19 vaccines contain just four ingredients: ionizable lipids whose positive charges bind to the negatively charged backbone of mRNA,
pegylated lipids that help stabilize the particle, and phospholipids and cholesterol molecules that contribute to the particle’s structure.” (4) The pegylated lipids are made by a company in China, of course called SINOPEG. Kingston was able to find SINOPEG by tracing the Material Data Safety Sheet cast numbers given by Pfizer and Moderna for their ingredients, which are by no means transparent. As Bill Gates has often bragged; “the vaccine contains a secret ingredient.” That would be the Graphene oxide by which SINOPEG creates its pegylated lipids.
9:21 Kingston produces documentation from SINOPEGs own website describing its Graphene oxide for the industry as “Core-shell structured polyethylene glycol functionalized graphene for energy storage polymer dielectrics: combine mechanical and dielectric performances...” Kingston defines this industry jargon as meaning Graphene oxide can be used as an electrical conductor.
At 10:10 Kingston produces a document labeled Global Patent for 2019 nCOV Vaccines’ Graphene Lipid Technology. Graphene oxide is the first ingredient mentioned. In fact it’s used as the “backbone” for all the other ingredients.
Scientific studies show if graphene gets a positive charge it annihilates all it comes into contact with. As it is Kingston says the graphene has been neutralized and carry’s a neutral charge but “if there is an electromagnetic field that activates a positive charge potentially there will be damage and potentially death depending on where these nano particles ended up in peoples body’s and how much did.” When the Interviewer again asks her why their using something as hazardous as Graphene oxide Kingston answers: “Because it’s a great conductor of electricity and it can host a magnetic field. It can connect you to the internet.”

Kingston, a child of the system herself and all the naivety that goes with it, wants to absolve Donald Trump and the major journalists for allowing this all to slip by them on their watch. She absurdly believes they could not have known. Besides Klaus Schwab’s boasting over at the World Economic Forum that they were about to microchip the world they had responsible and highly credentialed people like Dr. Judy Mikovics warning them. For Christ’s sakes Mikovics was one of the lead doctors over at Fort Detrick for twenty-five years, yet she was dismissed as a quack? If we follow the money we see nothing but orchestrated collusion between, government, media, big tech, and the billionaire scum that have commandeered this planet.
17:38 Kingston contemptuously waves around the treasonous memo penned by Dawn Johnson; acting assistant attorney general to an unelected president of fast fading mental capabilities. Kingston quotes Johnson as saying, “under title code 21, section 564 private companies and local government can mandate the vaccines under emergency use authorization.” Kingston says Johnsons interpretation is: “reckless and has no merit. So it’s just an opinion it’s not enforceable, period.”
Kingston then goes on to enumerate four other sections of code 21 the outlaw Biden administration has clearly violated but by now none of it really makes a difference. We have irrefutable evidence that the usual suspects; big government, big media, big tech, and the billionaire scum exemplified by Bill Gates have pushed the whole world up against a wall.
But sometimes the best place to fight is with your back against a wall. Apparently every human being that values being a human being is now going to have to fight for that right. Americans are armed and ready but even more importantly they have an obligation, its called the second amendment.                 

To Know What Is Coming, Watch the World Around You: Then React!
July 30, 2021
By: Gary D. Barnett
“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.
[This miserable mode
Maintain the melancholy souls of those
Who lived withouten infamy or praise.]”

~ Dante Alighieri
Mankind is a fickle creature at best, and is normally content to not rock the boat. This is the collective philosophy held by the many, as it is mistakenly thought to be the easiest way to avoid any danger and strife. Reality is another matter, as weakness is forever present in the minds of men, and therefore tyranny and control are easily accomplished by those who understand that the common masses will always obey the dominate master class at the expense of their own liberty, so long as they are promised safety in return. This grotesque phenomenon will be the ruination of humanity.
All that is happening today is based on this premise, and the ruling ‘authority’ has taken control of the entire population of the planet by simply introducing the idea that a great crisis that does not even exist is present, and is an imminent and ongoing menace to society. In doing so, they claim to be a prophet, false of course, promising to defend the people, when just the opposite is intended. Instead of reacting in some sort of logical or sane manner, the general population en masse has acquiesced to the controlling power, and in doing so has taken the neutral position explained so well by Alighieri, all at the great expense of their own lives and freedom. This attitude is one of not only great harm, but exposes the worst side of humanity, as most hide and wallow in unnecessary fear while their very existence is threatened. Other than the children, those that take this position deserve no empathy.
By hiding from the truth, the herd does not seek to understand what is actually happening around them, but concentrates only on their local, immediate, and present circumstances, while ignoring all the signs of impending doom that are brutally obvious to any thinking individual. In doing so, the spectre of tyranny grows ever faster, and without enough resistance to stop the premeditated onslaught against the common people.
The people of this country falsely called the “united states” has one great advantage over most others on earth, but fails to see their favored position due to ignorance and brainwashing over time. That advantage is that the people of this country still have many guns to defend themselves against the terror that is the ‘State;’ that ‘State’ that is continuously at war against its own people. It is not the active use of guns and bullets that is so important, but the threat, capability, and willingness to do so is certainly enough to halt the advancing totalitarian policies of the ruling class. They are all cowards after all. They are the few, while the people are the many, and being armed is the best protection against tyrannical behavior by evil and corrupt governments. The people in most countries around the world have been forcibly (or more likely, voluntarily) disarmed, and are at much greater risk than Americans today. That is why the most restrictive, regulated, and heinous policies are being advanced faster in other parts of the world, but it will all be here very soon if this society allows it. If U.S. citizens did not have guns, it would be no different now here than in Canada, Australia, China, the United Kingdom and much of Europe, and many other places around the globe. This is why it is imperative for Americans to understand that everything going on in these captured societies is coming here soon, so watching the world around you is of great importance. It is also necessary to listen to the controlling political class in this country that is constantly attempting to capture and control arms and ammunition, with the future aim of eliminating all gun ownership here just as has already happened across the globe. The only reason we are not already living in a total dictatorial society is because we have the armed capability to stop this government’s attempts to create a totalitarian master/slave nation.
The more restrictive and brutal activity that is levied against the people in the countries mentioned above, among others, the more likely it will be accepted by the drones of this country. If that occurs, the takeover of America will be successful in short order in my opinion. That would be the end of this country, as a new system of technocratic dictatorship would be put into place. The illegitimate and poisonous gene-altering injections called ‘vaccines’ are meant to help this along by changing the mental and physical makeup of the masses, accelerating submissive behavior, and allowing for more control in order to create a compliant populace that will accept their new status as dependent wards of the state.
Much of Australia is locked down, and travel for Australian citizens and tourists is virtually impossible in much of that country. Restrictions and mandates are ever increasing, including ‘vaccine passports.
The evil Macron in France has “announced that from next month anyone wanting to go out to eat or drink, take a long-distance train or visit a shopping centre will need to show either proof of 
vaccination or a negative test. The so-called “health pass” will also be needed to attend a festival, a theatre show or a cinema screening as part of the government’s strategy to tackle the surging number of new cases linked to the Delta Variant. You will have understood that vaccination is not obligatory straight away, but we are going to extend the health pass to its maximum to encourage as many of you as possible to get yourselves vaccinated,” Macron said.
In Canada, besides all the massive tyranny that has already occurred, now in Vancouver, all arrivals into that country are separated into vaccinated/unvaccinated lines, not unlike the heinous racial segregation in the past.
Contact tracing, forced ‘Covid’ testing, mandated ‘vaccination’ in order to survive and gain necessities of life, draconian travel restrictions, forced colored arm bands to distinguish  those injected and not, immunity passports, college admission requirements to take the jab in order to attend, job loss without ‘vaccination, mandated food restrictions, extreme government marketing campaigns for poisonous ‘vaccination, more lockdowns and quarantine, more mask mandates, and much more tyrannical authoritarian orders are coming. This is happening all around the world, including the U.S., as the depopulation agenda by the bio-weapon ‘vaccine is gaining much ground as this plot to harm and destabilize this population continues without end.
Everything happening concerning this non-existent ‘virus pandemic’ in every part of the world will also happen here soon, if in fact, it is not already happening or planned. Do not ignore the signs right in front of you, and do not trust any claims coming from this government, the controlled mainstream media, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, tax-free foundations, or any government partner whatsoever. Understand that the people still have the power to stop this by banding together against the state. Disobey, do not comply, dissent, take no orders, and let these evil murderous monsters know that you have the absolute power to stop them!

Source links:
European Union and Australia ‘Covid’ tyranny
UK Official Admits Lockdowns for “Social Control”
Vancouver Begins Separating Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Arrivals
UK follows China’s lead with social credit system
France forcing vaccination in order to buy groceries

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4 - "Without these lipid shells, there would be no mRNA vaccines for COVID-19." 
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The free π electrons in the graphene sheet are responsible for such a high electrical conductivity of the graphene as these electrons confined in two dimension can travel as fast as nearly speed of light and show relativistic quantum effect that is why it is also known as Dirac fermions.

Source: Neeraj Sharma, Stuti Tomar, Mohd. Shkir, Ravi Kant Choubey, Arun Singh,
Study of Optical and Electrical Properties of Graphene Oxide,
Materials Today: Proceedings,
Volume 36, Part 3,
Pages 730-735,
ISSN 2214-7853,

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