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First word from Jack,

Civilization as we knew it is over. The fact that this guy walks around totally unmolested and saying things like this while he waxes poetic about microchipping everyone says it all. A hundred years ago Kings, Queens, Presidents and Czars were assassinated in the streets for mere trivia when compared with the crimes perpetrated by Schwab and his elitist cohorts. When abominations like Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, and the rest of the greed driven, power mad, genetically defected billionaire scum decide to use their wealth to dictate the course of human existence the healthy human response is to terminate them at all costs, including your life.
Live and let live but when others arbitrarily decide you will only live the way they want you to live it becomes a matter of survival to end their lives...
Nobody needs a billion dollars and when the system allows a person to accrue that kind of wealth, always at the expense of the infrastructure of the social order that spawned them, it is the very definition of self-destructive. They will use that wealth to appropriate the system itself, and because they are incompetent to do anything other than dicker over prices in the market place they will inevitably destroy that system.  
These are not the mighty men of yore who always stood ready to hurl themselves and their private armies between the invading hordes of unkempt savages and their people, the reason they were once called the nobility. They are invariably the weakest and least fit among us, men whose only route to sex, which is the primary motivation for what men do, is to throw their wallet through the door first. To insure that wallet is big enough to get noticed they have learned to stop at nothing that will add to its bulk.

The Bormann Faction demonstrates how the Rockefellers and IG Farben engineered a world war in which sixty million people were slaughtered and they were the only victors. Now they are engineering a world where they will be the only beneficiaries and to achieve it they will kill billions. If the social order, which I must call a state for lack of a better word, is not ready, willing, and able to stop them dead in their tracks then I submit to you that the state has failed in its primary directive and is a failed state.
America is a failed state. Great Britain is a failed state. France is a failed state, Italy, and the rest of Europe too. Russia and China are no different. Putin and to a lesser extent Xi Jinping answer to the billionaires who have commandeered their economy. Both countries are infested with billionaires and the only good billionaire is a dead billionaire.
As you can see now with the COVID fiasco its either them or you and everything you ever loved or cherished. Only a psychopath walks the streets with a billion dollars stuck in their pockets while people are starving in those same streets. They are without even the most rudimentary human empathy. To them wealth is a weapon to attain power and to be used only as such. You, you are a useless eater, unless of course you can provide for their perverse needs, in which case you are an object to be owned, a commodity to be procured through whatever means necessary.
On the front lines for these latter-day robber barons are the police. The modern police force was invented in the nineteenth century by the original robber-barons as a buffer between them and the people they were fleecing. Originally there were Sheriffs, elected by the people they held authority over, whose responsibility was to enforce the law. In almost a thousand years there was never any other need for law enforcement. But when banking and railroad tycoons started making their own laws and came up against people like Jesse James, who had the support of their communities and frequently the sheriffs too, hired muscle just was not going to do.
So all the politicians deployed by the Bank of London got to work and Sir Robert Peel invented the municipal police, the “Bobbie,” stooges with badges, and they set their propaganda resources to convincing both the American and British people, who didn’t want them in the first place, that they were absolutely necessary. I covered the depraved history of our hometown American brand of “cop” in
Disband the Police and Elect Sheriffs. Jack the Ripper is a fine example of the historical efficiency of the Bobbie and if you think a hundred years may have changed things read up on the "investigation" of the Yorkshire Ripper...

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, with the sweeping authority devested by the Federal government in them is perhaps the worst of the lot. They supervised organized crime in Boston through their murder machine Whitey Bulger all during the closing decades of the twenty-first century. And that’s just a small sample. They only got caught because Bulger, a homicidal maniac in all likelihood produced special for the FBI through the MK Ultra program, ended up killing so many people that even they couldn’t cover it up.
The FBI was founded by eminently blackmailable closet queen and degenerate gambler J Edgar Hoover and made their bones in a fake gunfight with Dillinger because they couldn’t win a real one. Everyone who knew Dillinger and saw the body said it wasn’t him and looked nothing like him, right down to the eye color. Every time they cornered the real Dillinger they ended up being sorry, they needed the Internal Revenue Service to take Al Capone out. Law enforcement is not what they do and never was...    
Dr. Edward R. DeVries is a pastor, college president, historian, and the author of a bunch of books. He puts out Dixie Heritage the only newsletter I subscribe too, and only because of him. He is a Christian, but he is a man that can be trusted. There are very few in the alternative media and absolutely none in the mainstream, which the article after this one will demonstrate. This article, reproduced from the July 2 edition of Dixie Heritage, is illustrative of just who the FBI really are:  
“The FBI has destroyed 69-year-old Joseph Bolanos' life because they received a "tip" from a neighbor that he is a "domestic terrorist."
Bolanos, who was described by the New York Post as a “pillar of the community,” was the President of his Upper West Side block association for the past 23 years, serving and looking after the welfare of his neighbors - efforts he stepped up amidst the lockdowns.
Bolanos is a Red Cross volunteer who was commended for his outstanding efforts after the 9/11 attacks. He even once received a police commendation for heroism after saving a woman from being mugged. And did I say that he is the sole care-giver for his 94-year-old mother?
Back in February a neighbor reported him for having "maybe attended" the rally in Washington DC on Jan. 6. Bolanos was in the Capitol that day, several blocks away from the "action" at the JW Marriott Hotel. Regardless, on the basis of accusation alone Bolanos' home was immediately raided in February by the FBI’s counter-terrorism task force. Bolanos was handcuffed and made to do a "perp" walk in his neighborhood for three hours while his home was flipped inside-out and all his electronic devices confiscated. Months later, Bolanos has yet to face a criminal charge, but he has not had his property returned, and now his neighbors have turned on him and he was evicted from his Condo. So he moved in with his mother.
A few weeks later, FBI agents arrived at his mother’s house, unannounced, and traumatized the 94-year-old woman, demanding to know if she or her son were members of extremist organizations like the Proud Boys.
Bolanos and his mother are registered Democrats. They are liberals. Oh, and did I mention that they are "Yankees"? He flew to the Capitol to meet a friend from of all places California. He and his friend were at the Ellipse, where Trump gave his speech, describing it as a “political Woodstock.” Following the speech, he made his way back to the hotel that can confirm he was at the hotel at the same time the Capitol barricades were breached. He was able to produce to the New York Post timestamps of security photographs of him and his friend taken at taken at 1:41 p.m., 1:45 p.m., and 2:04 p.m. inside the lobby, an entryway, and a hotel elevator, at the time the "unrest" was happening in the halls of Congress. These same time-stamped photos that were published in the Post were also given to the FBI.
The FBI responded to the photographic evidence that Bolanos was nowhere near the Capitol by conducting a second raid. 10 tactical police soldiers, you know the cops we are all supposed to be supporting, who used a battering ram and a crowbar to force their way into a 94-year-old woman's home and put a rifle to her head. All to serve a warrant issued by District Judge Gabriel Gorenstein naming her son as the “target subject" of an investigation into the “obstruction of Congress,” “civil disorders,” “conspiracy to impede/assault federal agents,” “interstate travel to participate in riot,” and “unlawful entry on restricted buildings or grounds.”
The FBI ransacked both Bolanos' original Condo and his mother's home at the same time; upending drawers, ransacking both homes and completely trashing the mother’s bedroom. An NBC news crew was on hand to film it.  Bolanos was arrested and interrogated for hours, also aired on NBC which quoted "sources" claiming that charges against him were “imminent.” Those charges never materialized, but his reputation was ruined.
Like thousands of other law-abiding Americans who went to what is supposed to be THEIR nation's capitol, Joe Bolanos was just one of many people who wanted to watch the President speak who’s now had his life turned upside down by nosy neighbors on the prowl for “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists.” As for terrorizing his 94-year-old mother - I guess thats just what the cops do for a little extra fun.
God WILL vindicate!
Dr. Ed” - Dr. Edward R. DeVries
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Our next article is from the opposite end of the philosophical spectrum. It is reproduced from an email sent out on June twenty-second by Glen Greenwald, famed liberal journalist, gay advocate, and sponsor to the world of NSA red herring; Edward Snowden. Seems in the eyes of the court conservative icon Tucker Carlson and liberal icon Racheal Maddow are entertainers, actors, and are no more libel for their antics than were the clowns at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

A Court Ruled Rachel Maddow's Viewers Know She Offers Exaggeration and Opinion, Not Facts by Glen Greenwald
"Maddow’s show is different than a typical news segment where anchors inform viewers about the daily news," an Obama-appointed judge ruled.

 MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on her program that a court ruled is understood even by her own viewers to offer exaggeration and opinion, not facts
MSNBC's top-rated host Rachel Maddow devoted a segment in 2019 to accusing the right-wing cable outlet One America News (OAN) of being a paid propaganda outlet for the Kremlin. Discussing a Daily Beast 
article which noted that one OAN reporter was a "Russian national” who was simultaneously writing copy for the Russian-owned outlet Sputnik on a freelance contract, Maddow escalated the allegation greatly into a broad claim about OAN's real identity and purpose: “in this case,” she announced, “the most obsequiously pro-Trump right wing news outlet in America really literally is paid Russian propaganda."

In response, OAN sued Maddow, MSNBC, and its parent corporation Comcast, Inc. for defamation, alleging that it was demonstrably false that the network, in Maddow's words, “literally is paid Russian propaganda." In an oddly overlooked ruling, an Obama-appointed federal judge, Cynthia Bashant, 
dismissed the lawsuit on the ground that even Maddow's own audience understands that her show consists of exaggeration, hyperbole, and pure opinion, and therefore would not assume that such outlandish accusations are factually true even when she uses the language of certainty and truth when presenting them (“literally is paid Russian propaganda").
In concluding that Maddow's statement would be understood even by her own viewers as non-factual, the judge emphasized that what Maddow does in general is not present news but rather hyperbole and exploitation of actual news to serve her liberal activism:
On one hand, a viewer who watches news channels tunes in for facts and the goings-on of the world. MSNBC indeed produces news, but this point must be juxtaposed with the fact that Maddow made the allegedly defamatory statement on her own talk show news segment where she is invited and encouraged to share her opinions with her viewers. Maddow does not keep her political views a secret, and therefore, audiences could expect her to use subjective language that comports with her political opinions.
Thus, Maddow’s show is different than a typical news segment where anchors inform viewers about the daily news. The point of Maddow’s show is for her to provide the news but also to offer her opinions as to that news. Therefore, the Court finds that the medium of the alleged defamatory statement makes it more likely that a reasonable viewer would not conclude that the contested statement implies an assertion of objective fact.
The judge's observations about the specific segment at issue — in which Maddow accused a competitor of being “literally paid Russian propaganda" — was even more damning. Maddow's own viewers, ruled the court, not only expect but desire that she will not provide the news in factual form but will exaggerate and even distort reality in order to shape her opinion-driven analysis (emphasis added):
Viewers expect her to do so, as it is indeed her show, and viewers watch the segment with the understanding that it will contain Maddow’s “personal and subjective views” about the news. See id. Thus, the Court finds that as a part of the totality of the circumstances, the broad context weighs in favor of a finding that the alleged defamatory statement is Maddow’s opinion and exaggeration of the Daily Beast article, and that reasonable viewers would not take the statement as factual. . . .
Here, Maddow had inserted her own colorful commentary into and throughout the segment, laughing, expressing her dismay (i.e., saying “I mean, what?”) and calling the segment a “sparkly story” and one we must “take in stride.” For her to exaggerate the facts and call OAN Russian propaganda was consistent with her tone up to that point, and the Court finds a reasonable viewer would not take the statement as factual given this context. The context of Maddow’s statement shows reasonable viewers would consider the contested statement to be her opinion. A reasonable viewer would not actually think OAN is paid Russian propaganda, instead, he or she would follow the facts of the Daily Beast article; that OAN and Sputnik share a reporter and both pay this reporter to write articles. Anything beyond this is Maddow’s opinion or her exaggeration of the facts.
In sum, ruled the court, Rachel Maddow is among those “speakers whose statements cannot reasonably be interpreted as allegations of fact.” Despite Maddow's use of the word "literally” to accuse OAN of being a "paid Russian propaganda” outlet, the court dismissed the lawsuit on the ground that, given Maddow's conduct and her audience's awareness of who she is and what she does, “the Court finds that the contested statement is an opinion that cannot serve as the basis for a defamation claim."
What makes this particularly notable and ironic is that a similar argument was made a year later by lawyers for Fox News when defending a segment that appeared on the program of its highest-rated program, Tucker Carlson Tonight. That was part of a lawsuit brought by the former model Karen McDougal, who claimed Carlson slandered her by saying she “extorted” former President Trump by demanding payments in exchange for her silence about an extramarital affair she claimed to have with him.
McDougal's lawsuit was 
dismissed in September, 2020, by Trump-appointed judge Mary Kay Vyskocil, based on arguments made by Fox's lawyers that were virtually identical to those made by MSNBC's lawyers when defending Maddow. In particular, the court accepted Fox's arguments that when Carlson used the word “extortion,” he meant it in a colloquial and dramatic sense, and that his viewers would have understood that he was not literally accusing her of a crime but rather offering his own subjective characterizations and opinions, particularly since viewers understand that Carlson offers political commentary:
Fox News first argues that, viewed in context, Mr. Carlson cannot be understood to have been stating facts, but instead that he was delivering an opinion using hyperbole for effect. See Def. Br. at 12-15. Fox News cites to a litany of cases which hold that accusing a person of “extortion” or “blackmail” simply is “rhetorical hyperbole,” incapable of being defamatory. . . .
In particular, accusations of “extortion,” “blackmail,” and related crimes, such as the statements Mr. Carlson made here, are often construed as merely rhetorical hyperbole when they are not accompanied by additional specifics of the actions purportedly constituting the crime. . . . Such accusations of crimes also are unlikely to be defamatory when, as here, they are made in connection with debates on a matter of public or political importance. . . . The context in which the offending statements were made here make it abundantly clear that Mr. Carlson was not accusing Ms. McDougal of actually committing a crime. As a result, his statements are not actionable.
When discussing Carlson's show generally and how viewers understand it, the court used language extremely similar to that invoked to protect Maddow from defamation lawsuits: namely, that Fox viewers understand that Carlson is, in addition to presenting news, offering his own subjective analysis of it:
In light of this precedent and the context of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Court finds that Mr. Carlson’s invocation of “extortion” against Ms. McDougal is nonactionable hyperbole, intended to frame the debate in the guest commentator segment that followed Mr. Carlson’s soliloquy. As Defendant notes, Mr. Carlson himself aims to “challenge[] political correctness and media bias.” Def. Br. at 14. This “general tenor” of the show should then inform a viewer that he is not “stating actual facts” about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in “exaggeration” and “non-literal commentary.”
Fox News has convincingly argued that Mr. Carlson was motivated to speak about a timely political cause and that, in this context, it is clear that his charge of “extortion” should not be interpreted as an accusation of an actual crime. Plaintiff’s interpretation of Mr. Carlson’s accusations is strained and, the Court finds, not reasonable when the entire segment is viewed in context. It is true that Mr. Carlson added color to his unsubstantiated rhetorical claim of extortion when he narrated that Ms. McDougal “approached” Mr. Trump and threatened his career and family. See Am. Compl. ¶ 10. But this overheated rhetoric is precisely the kind of pitched commentary that one expects when tuning in to talk shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight, with pundits debating the latest political controversies.
This is worth noting because of how often, and how dishonestly, this court case regarding Carlson is cited to claim that even Fox itself admits that its host is a liar who cannot be trusted. This court ruling has become a very common argument used by liberals to claim that even Fox acknowledges that Carlson lies. Indeed, Maddow's own colleague Chris Hayes — whose MSNBC program is broadcast at the same time as Carlson's and routinely attracts less than 1/3 of the Fox host's audience — has repeatedly cited this court case to argue that even Fox admits Carlson is a liar, without bothering to note that his companies’ lawyers made exactly the same claims about his mentor, Rachel Maddow, to defend her from a defamation lawsuit:
Obviously the main stream media can no longer be counted on to produce anything of value. In fact beyond unicycles, big floppy shoes, and propaganda only a complete imbecile could believe the media can be expected to produce anything at all, which is why we’re launching this newsletter. By pooling our observations we can develop a better understanding of events occurring around the world in these most dire of times. Everybody reading this is encouraged to contribute leads and content by emailing information to me at . This one here is from Joe Wentrup our German friend in Cuba:

Hello George,
I read this German post on telegram and it makes a lot of sense to me. Each point has a source linked. I traduced it into English via deepl, here’s the result.
Have a great day
 1. Covid vaccine delivers nanoparticles for mind and behavior control‼️ A biologist named Ricardo Delgado and a physician, Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano, both of whom host an online program called La Quinta Columna, say that some people's arms become magnetic at the exact spot where they were vaccinated, holding not only magnets, but scissors, metal parts, tools and even cell phones! The phenomenon is not limited to the arm. Within days, it moves toward the chest, neck or upper spine. Upon investigation, they discovered: 13 points Point 1: All vaccines are made with the same nanotechnology. In Spain, it has even been called "secret nanoparticles." These nanoparticles become magnetic when they reach the same temperature as the human body or are exposed to electromagnetic radiation at the appropriate frequency. When they remain in a sub-zero environment, they remain non-magnetic. [Why they freeze the vaccines?]

2. the particles in the Covid vaccine appear to be a nano-tech material called GRAPHENE that is superconducting and highly integrative with nerve cells in the brain.
[...] This includes the need to develop multifunctional nanoparticles (NPs) capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier to reach neurons and achieve on-demand delivery of specific drugs. We describe the state of the art in using graphene materials to develop three-dimensional scaffolds to promote neuron growth and regeneration in vivo, and the possibility of using graphene as a component of hybrid composites/multilayer organic electronic devices. Last but not least, we address the need for accurate theoretical modeling of the interface between graphene and biological material by modeling the interaction of graphene with proteins and cell membranes at the nanoscale and describing the physical mechanisms of charge transfer by which the different graphene materials can affect the excitability and physiology of neurons. Study:

3. the European Union invested one billion euros in a project called The Graphene Flagship:
Six years ago, the European Union (EU) launched an ambitious project to create a kind of Silicon Valley for the "wonder material" of the last decade: Graphene. The project, called Graphene Flagship, was to raise €1 billion over 10 years to bring graphene to the commercial market. The project would bring together academic and industrial research institutes to not only ensure that graphene research is commercialized, but also to make Europe an economic powerhouse for graphene-based technologies. To date, the EU's investment in the Graphene Flagship is the largest single project in graphene research and development (although some speculate that graphene-related projects in China may have surpassed it).

4. GRAPHENE molecules can interact with neurons in the brain in a remote mode using different radio frequencies (5G could be one of them), they can map the brain and send and receive INSTRUCTIONS remotely:
 A remote control for neurons "The broadband absorption of these 3D nanomaterials allowed us to use light at wavelengths that can penetrate deep into tissue to remotely stimulate neurons. This method can be used in a whole range of applications, from the development of non-invasive therapeutics to basic science studies," Chamanzar said. The team's findings are important both for our understanding of cell interactions and for the development of therapies that harness the potential of the body's own cells. Nanostructures made with NT-3DFG could have a major impact on the future of human biology and medicine. Remote regulation of glucose homeostasis in mice with genetically encoded nanoparticles. Means to temporally regulate gene expression and cellular activity are invaluable for elucidating underlying physiological processes and would have therapeutic implications. Here, we report the development of a genetically encoded system for remote regulation of gene expression by low frequency radio waves (RFs) or a magnetic field.

5. these were never "vaccines" against a virus, instead all the time a secret nanotech project is being developed to reach and control the brains of the human population (so far we don't know if they can change DNA via 5G) In la Quinta Columna, they discovered that people were already magnetized via graphene present in masks, as well as via, PCR tests, chemtrails and flu and covid vaccines
6. the symbol of GRAPHENE is, guess what: three hexagrams:

7. could be naturally flushed out of the body because there is an enzyme called myeloperoxidase that apparently dissolves graphene molecules. Furthermore, NAC (N-acetyncysteine) was found to reduce graphene oxide in the body and raise glutathione levels, which were lowered by graphene oxide. Typical Symptoms in Covid-19- Surprisingly, alcohol consumption or even tobacco can increase this enzyme, but this should not be a reason to increase this consumption. Therefore, the population should be vaccinated every 6-12 months and be as sober as possible. human enzyme can biodegrade graphene: To prevent the myeloperoxidase enzyme from degrading graphene, they have encapsulated graphene dioxide in lipid capsules so that it goes directly to the neuronal cortex.

8. the interaction between GRAPHENE in vaccinated humans and 5G could lead to a fatal event when 5G is fully activated in July 2021, so we would be in a short period of time to stop this madness and cancel vaccination programs once and for all. (Conjecture from LaQuinta Columna)
9. Graphene Flagship speakers are directors of AstraZeneca, they are in very close contact with Big Pharma: "The University of Manchester will give an overview of graphene and its use in biomedical devices and representatives from AstraZeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pixtium Vision, Clinatec and Multichannel Systems will talk about how this cutting edge research is being completed in the industry and what's next."

10. a company called Nanografi based in Turkey is producing the new nasal nano version of the Covid vaccine to spray directly into the nose (and easily reach the brain), they are also involved in nanotechnologies with graphene.

11. EU invests over 1.5 billion in graphene research and human brain replica, Spain is the country with the most working teams, Graphene Flagship funded at 1 billion.
Graphene and Human Brain Project win largest research excellence prize in history as fight for sustainable science funding continues The European Commission today announced the winners of a multi-billion dollar Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) competition. The winning initiatives, Graphene and Human Brain, will each receive €1 billion to conduct cutting-edge research at the intersection of science and technology for 10 years. Each initiative involves researchers from at least 15 EU member states and nearly 200 research institutes.

12. Bill Gates funded research on graphene in vaccine technology to Imperial College London to the tune of £4.5 million. 💥

13. Michael L. Gordon, the Wall Street Journal national security specialist who publicly reported on "massive weapons of destruction" in Iraq, was the same journalist who broke the story about the Chinese origin of the new coronavirus in Wuhan . Stay informed here 🔍 👉 @GrapheneAgenda

More on the Graphene oxide question.
These two are from my cousin:

Sage of Quay™

This is the magnification of a micrometer of the vaccine in a picture taken by biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano. It depicts the alleged Graphene Oxide as an unidentified and “suspicious mesh” that Spanish scientists are finding prevalent in all the vaccines - Analysis of Vaccination Vial Confirms Presence of Graphene Nanoparticles [VIDEO] | Europe Reloaded

This picture is taken from the top of Dr. Charles Lieber's Image Gallery. This is the injectable neural networks he was working on before he was arrested by the Department of Justice on January 22 of last year for covertly running the Wuhan Lab while he was working for the Department of Defense. Lieber, the father of twenty-first century nano technology who held the science chair at Harvard, was arrested days before COVID would make its debut on the world stage.
In America he was injecting these mesh networks directly into mouse brains and they fused seamlessly. In China there can be little doubt Lieber was experimenting on humans. One look at his image gallery should tell you the makers of the so said vaccines have been very naughty boys, and they may not have the best interests of the human race at Heart:  
 Image Gallery - Lieber Research Group The Lieber group is focused broadly on science and technology at the nanoscale - Lieber Research Group (
In Germany Orage has observed: “Birds are trekking by daily, going north, going south, as if it was spring and fall at the same time – unfinished.” It was fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit on July 3 in both New York and Tennessee, absurdly cool for this time of year. It’s not two weeks into July now and America has experienced its first hurricane of the season already. Meanwhile California is going through its worst heat wave in a hundred years under a sun that fry’s eggs on the sidewalk. There are wars and rumors of wars as the American military machine reels from one conflict to another. Watching the media is like watching the halftime show for the Special Olympics. Grocery clerks like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have become kings while heroes die drunk and alone in the godforsaken allies of Americas crumbling cities.
There’s something wrong here, perhaps the transmission is breaking down, we are losing the signal that maintains the hologram. There is a malaise of the heart afflicting those that uphold this place. Call them gods or call them super pixels the results are the same. The shows almost over and perhaps it’s time to go shopping for endings or we can just go with the old standby of a pole shift. Scouring the aftermath of the soul stealing vaccine with water is an attractive proposition after it has been sterilized by fire. A pole shift will provide both tidal waves and volcanos. Strangely enough the Jack Heart team is already in, through no planning of our own, the designated safe areas in these videos. If you’re not you probably should get yourself there...  
Natures way of flushing the toilet 
Just what will these "Tsunamis" look like? Not what you think... 
New Mu, New Atlantis and the New Valley of the Sun and the nuclear scare scam...  
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