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It's been a while...

Hi <<First Name>> and welcome to Bremar Automotion's first quarter newsletter for 2015. 
It's been a while since we've sent one of these newsletters but they will now become a regular quarterly feature in your inbox. If you've recieved one of our emails previously, it's great to have you back, and if you're a new subscriber, welcome... I hope you find our updates interesting and informative.
In this issue,  we'll run you through an interesting project that we've been involved with recently simulating a truck crash using FEA, we'll discuss the pros and cons of two different approaches to a CAE analysis that you should be aware of if you're getting analysis work done, and we'll also have a look at an open source racecar project for the Le Mans 24hr that we're big fans of. We've also got some exciting news about 3D scanning services that we are now offering.
As always, if you would like to discuss anything that's covered here, or there's a topic that you'd like to see covered in future issues, please get in contact and let us know! 
Cheers, Brett
Brett Longhurst
Managing Director

Recent Project Case Study

Forensic Crash & Failure Analysis Using FEA

We were recently involved in an interesting project with Prosolve, a New Zealand based forensic engineering firm who carry out investigations into air, sea, road accidents and industrial failures. 

For this project we studied the effects of a semi trailer truck hitting an overhead gantry using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation to determine the approximate speed of the vehicle at impact. 

This is an example of some of our more advanced CAE capabilities which includes impact, nonlinear materials and material fracture. Click on the image below to read more on our website...

3D Scanning Services

We can now scan your parts

We're excited to announce that Bremar are now offering a 3D scanning service using Artec Eva & Artec Spider 3D scanners from Objective3D.

We'll be developing a few case studies and examples of our own to demonstrate the benefits of using 3D scanning, but in the meantime, check out the short video below from Artec, showing what's possible... with hi resolution scans and texture mapping, the results are amazing!
Artec Eva 3D scanner - scanning a car transmission
3D scanning example from Artec
If you would like to know more about our scanning services, get in touch and have a chat to one of our engineers about what's possible. Whether it's for 3D visualization, reverse engineering, or even recreating a broken part, we can help. 

Predictive or Comparative?

Two different approaches to CAE analyses

When considering a CAE analysis (whether you're doing it yourself or engaging a CAE provider), you have to decide whether you want to predict the actual behaviour of the component or system, or if you want to compare the performance of two different designs.

There are pros and cons to each approach, which will affect the output and ultimately the cost of your CAE analysis. This post on our website will guide you through the differences between a Predictive and a Comparative analysis, and what to expect from each. 

Open Source Le Mans Project

Perrinn LMP1 - A New Approach To Motorsport

Nicolas Perrin likes to do things differently. 

His concept of an open source motorsport team is changing the way motorsport is going to evolve into the future and we like it. Alot.

Nicolas has taken his many years of experience in LMP (Le Mans Prototype) racing and developed a design for a completely new LMP1 car which he's sharing with the world. For the cost of a nice case of beer you can have access to full 3D CAD models, engineering calculations, CFD aerodynamic simulation results and more, right down to a bill of materials and budget to actually build the car.


He's currently seeking sponsors and funding to build a prototype car, and you can be part of the team by subscribing, spreading the word and even contributing to the development of the design if you're so inclined.
Nicolas is also developing an open source design for a Formula 1 car which is well underway, and is also available as part of your team subscription. So if you have an interest in the technical side of motorsport, get behind Nicolas and the Perrin concept and be a part of motorsport history. We have been for some time now and can honestly say that the information that Nicolas is sharing is amazing and a rare opportunity to learn and see inside the workings of a Le Mans prototype and F1 car.
For more info, hit the link below to head over to the Perrin website...
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