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The Barber Shop

There are a few things I think we need to bring back, one of which is the barber shop.  Most of the guys at Rogue found a small barber shop in our local area.  Guys in there tell stories, jokes and it just makes you feel like there are some things that shouldn’t change.  Hard to think of something more American than getting your haircut with a set of trimmers.  The chair, the razor, the scissors and just about everything in this place is American made.  Something to be said for a place that has some character, pictures of things the barbers have done over the past fifty year and a piece of leather to sharpen their razors.  

I bring this up because I think every so often we loose our bearing and start to look for things we don’t really need.  If the way we do business was community driven then small barber shops, machine shops and other job shops would flourish.  At Rogue we do our absolute best to provide that old school feel to everything we build.  I want the equipment that we make to be reminescent of the way things used to be built.  You always hear, “they don’t build things the way they used to”.

Now They Do

How can you be a part of what will turn the spirits of the folks in the US?  Start by going to your local barber and tipping him a couple extra bucks.  With your new found swagger you can go design or build something in your garage.  Who knows it may turn into something that employs hundreds.  You won’t know until you try!

Bill Henniger
Very Proud Owner

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