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The New Rogue Yoke Is Here

I believe that I spent a bit too much time building stuff as a kid hence the reason everything we make is modular.  
Rogue Yoke
The New Rogue Yoke is built on our squat stand chassis.  You can convert your S-1-2-3 to a Y-1-2-3 and have the functionality of both.  

With the Rogue Yoke you can:

1) Squat, bench, pull etc from the j-cups

2) Bring the Yoke crossmember to the floor and add a single pullup  bar to the S-2-3

3) Zercher lift and carry: http://www.usawa.com/bill-clark-and-the-zercher-lift/

4) Standard Yoke carry  insert pic

5) Sled drag or push  - Each foot has ¼” sled skids so you can drag/push around the parking lot

6) Atlas Stone lift bar - Can set the height of the Yoke crossmember and move a heavy ass stone over it

We spent quite a bit of time working with Rob Orlando on this and making it versatile for everyone to use.  The weight of the rig is 175LBS unloaded so it can be used by most folks. 

Time to move some big heavy stuff!

Bill Henniger
Very Proud Owner

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