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American Jobs

Over the weekend I had some time to talk to someone that works for Startup America: http://www.startupamericapartnership.org/

Very interesting conversations around what it takes to bring jobs back to the US.  My theory is very simple:
Make widgets in the United States with existing demand.

ex. Sears - Make all craftsman tools in the United States.  Tons of old school casting, metal working and zinc plating.  Very simple to bring that back with the expertise we have in the US

Results: Thousands of good paying US jobs and it would repair the broken stream of the economy

Once this is done the guy/gal getting paid to make your hammer will go to the store to buy clothes for their kids.  This is how the economy should work but currently we are relying strictly on the folks working at the store.  This is a broken chain of events.  


The theory is to peel the onion and do what we know we can do immediately.  We are near certain that we can manufacture in the United States.  Take high volume items that are used across the board and “In Source” them back to the United States.  I think we are spending too much time trying to invent wheels that don’t need tires or weapons that don’t need bullets.  Lets bring back what we know we are good at then take that capital and become great at everything.   I think we are too reliant upon technology to carry us out of this, our country was built by large manufacturing industries.  The countries that are thriving are the ones that have taken them from us.  

This needs to be a grass roots movement and needs to be driven by hard working resourceful folks.  At Rogue we take this very seriously and you have our absolute commitment that we are working on this from our end.  We are very proud to announce that we are expanding our operations in Columbus Ohio and will be adding many folks to our team.  None of this would be possible without all of your support!
Bill Henniger
Very Proud Owner

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