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We are on a mission to change the way people think and buy flowers. We think it's potty that the average Valentines' Bouquet contains 4000 flower miles... We think it's madness that 90% of the flowers sold in Britain are imported from overseas and we think it makes sense that as the World's very best gardeners that we grow more fields of flowers!
  • It will be better for you (seasonal flowers look amazing and are often more scented)
  • It will be better for British Flower Farmers and their communities... #ruraleconomyrocking
  • and more than that...
  • It will be better for the Birds, Bugs, Butterflies and Bees of Great Britain who will enjoy the habitat and foodsource.
Really there are a thousand and one reasons to LOVE British Flowers, but ultimately their colours, textures and fragrance speak for themselves.

... and this is where you come in!

We need YOUR Help!

We are pitching this idea for support to Richard Branson and Virgin and to get to the next round we need votes for our pitch from you! It will only take a moment or two and it will make a huge difference to us so thank you in advance - we need over 2000 votes to stand a good chance... and we really do appreciate your support.

We want to get the word out about British Flowers, Support our British Farming Industry and inject a little love into the fields of the UK!
If you could just take a minute to pop on over and place a vote for us that would be amazing! Be sure to watch our pitch video and read our story if you need a little convincing :)

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