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3 Planning Tips for 2015

"If you have some clarity up front about what decisions your company needs to make, and what the key attributes are of each decision, you’ll have a lot more luck in putting smart technology to work on those decisions.” - Tom Davenport, WSJ CIO Journal*, December 3, 2014
As 2014 draws to a close, I would like to share with you some tips for your 2015 decision management plans. As Tom Davenport writes in his recent WSJ CIO Journal article, the best start to your investment in smart technologies like business rules management systems, predictive analytics and even in visualization and business intelligence is to know what decisions are driving your performance.

Tip #1 - Adopt Decision Modeling with DMN
Incorporate decision modeling and the decision model notation (DMN) standard in your requirements gathering approach. Decision modeling is the basis for improving operational efficiency and performance with these smart technologies. 

Tip #2 - Redraw the Decision Automation Boundary
Stop assuming that a decision must be made manually, that it cannot be automated or driven by analytics. Use decision modeling to make it clear to business stakeholders where to draw the automation boundary, where smart technologies add real business value.

Tip #3 - Expand Your Portfolio of Analytic Capabilities
Adopt a mix of analytic capabilities - descriptive, diagnostic and predictive - from BI and reporting to data mining and advanced analytics. Then pick the right one for each problem, defined by the kind of decision making, the roles involve, and the analytic style that will deliver the decision automation and decision support you need.

Put decisions at the heart of your business architecture and analytic strategy for success in 2015. Contact me to learn how Decision Management Solutions is helping organizations like yours improve operations by adopting these smart technologies with decision management.

What's New

Case Study - The Power of Decision Modeling

We have just posted a great new case study on the power of decision modeling at the Finnish Tax Authority (FTA). Timo Laukkanen, Process Director, describes how decision modeling has filled the gap between process models and business rules in the most extensive project ever undertaken by the FTA. Decision modeling was quick to implement and has made it easier to evaluate rules, to view the overall process picture and to communicate to stakeholders. 

“I am truly amazed by decision modeling. This method gives me an agile tool for modeling quite complicated domains.” Katja Hietikko, Senior Business Developer, M.Sc. (Tech.)

Kindle Version of BPMN/DMN MicroGuide
The kindle version of my new book with co-author and BPMN expert Tom Debevoise is now available. 


“The best thing, in my view, about this book is that, by weaving the decision and process modelling together throughout, it does a fantastic job of emphasising how these two are equal in importance and how it's vital that they are understood in terms of their own merits, scope, and their power when brought together." - Nick Broom, Business Architect, Decision Modelling and Business Process Analysis Expert review on Amazon.

*Click here to read the full article, Smart Machines and the Decisions They Support. (WSJ registration may be required.)


Decision Modeling with DMN 

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4 Key Benefits to Integrating BPMN and DMN

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Analytics Capability Landscape

If you missed the webinar, the webcast is now available.
Learn why a new framework for thinking about business intelligence and analytics is vital to your organization.
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