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X-ES ENews: X-ES Expands System Offerings, Reduces SWaP
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Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) designs and builds chassis, single-board computers, I/O, power, backplanes, system-level and custom products within the embedded computer industry. X-ES offers cutting-edge performance and flexibility in design, plus an unparalleled level of customer support and service. Please contact X-ES sales if you have any questions.

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X-ES recently introduced several new systems which expand our system product line offering. The XAct3000 is a ruggedized NAS system providing up to 3.5 TB of solid state storage. The XPand6000 Series family of ultra-small form factor systems provides serious performance with a small SWaP profile.

The XAct3000 is a turnkey ruggedized NAS system providing from 1 TB to 3.5 TB of solid state storage. The system is housed in the XPand5200 sub-1/2 ATR convection-cooled enclosure. The system contains a Single Board Computer (SBC) running Linux and from two to seven SSD cards. The XAct3000 and all X-ES SSD board-level products are qualified over the full extended temperature range to meet the most rigorous environmental requirements. The XAct3000 is perfect for deployed applications that require network file storage/retrieval, such as in-flight data recording/surveillance.
The XAct3000 features include:
  • Up to 3.5 TB of solid state storage
  • Storage declassification and ATA secure erase
  • JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 6 configurations
  • Optional 256-bit AES encryption
  • NFS, SMB/CIFS, FTP, SFTP, and HTTP protocols
  • Two 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet ports
  • Storage based on SLC NAND flash technology
  • Sub-½ ATR natural convection-cooled or conduction-cooled chassis (reduced height and length)
  • Physical dimensions of 4.88 in. (W), 5.65 in. (H), 10.30 in. (L)
  • Weighs less than 12 pounds
  • Environmentally sealed
  • MIL-STD-461 E/F EMI filtering
  • Optional internal holdup of up to 100 ms at 70 W
XPand6000 Series
The XPand6000 Series is the smallest and newest system in X-ES’s product line. There are three versions of this ultra-small form factor system:
XPand6000 - Vertical orientation, natural convection-cooled, 2.36 in. (W), 4.88 in. (H), 7.10 in. (L), less than 4 lbs. fully populated

XPand6001 - Horizontal orientation, natural convection-cooled, 4.88 in. (W), 2.10 in. (H), 7.70 in. (L), less than 3.75 lbs. fully populated

XPand6002XPand6002 - Horizontal orientation, conduction-cooled, 4.88 in. (W), 1.90 in. (H), 7.70 in. (L), less than 3.5 lbs. fully populated

The XPand6000 Series supports the COM Express form factor for processor subsystem, the PMC/XMC form factor for add in application-specific I/O, and 1.8” Slim SATA SSDs for storage in the system. Unlike some other SFF systems, the XPand6000 Series can support high-performance Intel Core i7 processors and Freescale QorIQ processors providing performance levels in an ultra-small SFF system that were previously unachievable.

The XPand6000 Series can be deployed quickly into airborne or ground vehicles. Its ability to support conduction-cooling or natural convection-cooling along with its small size allow the XPand6000 Series to be bolted to any available surface; and with a fully-loaded weight of less than 4 lbs., it is perfect for small UAV applications.

The XPand6000 Series features include:
  • Ultra-small form-factor, ATR chassis
  • Supports a single, ruggedized, COM Express module
  • Supports a single, conduction-cooled, PMC or XMC module
  • Optional, 1.8-in. or Slim SATA, non-volatile SSD memory module
  • Weighs 3.5 to 4.0 pounds (fully populated), based on version
  • Integrated MIL-STD-704 28V DC power supply
  • Integrated MIL-STD-461E/F EMI filtering and optional internal holdup
  • Environmentally sealed
  • D38999 connector support with configurable I/O connections
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