Hello, see the nanosecond-precise Grandmaster Clock module below!
XPort3200 Grandmaster Clock from X-ES
IEEE 1588v2/Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster Clock with
Nanosecond-Level Time Synchronization
XPort3200 Grandmaster Clock
Multi-Slave Synchronization
XPort3200 is an IEEE 1588v2/Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster designed to provide clocking and time synchronization to multiple slaves via Ethernet.
IEEE 1588 Time Stamping
Leveraging the Freescale QorIQ P1020, XPort3200 is able to perform IEEE 1588 time stamping to provide an accurate egress and ingress time stamp with a resolution of 8 ns.
XPort3200 Freescale P1020
Precision Performance
    The Freescale QorIQ P1020 processor includes external GPIO time stamp pins. These pins can be used to synchronize the XPort3200 to a Pulse Per Second (PPS) input, if available. The Pulse Per Second input provides accurate clock synchronization. If an application requires an absolute time reference the XPort3200 can source a time reference from a serial port or a GPS receiver.
IEEE 1588 uses a standard Ethernet network to transfer clock and time information, providing accurate nanosecond-level synchronization with
minimal software overhead and without introducing a secondary method of communication to slaves.
Accurate Synchronization
    For cases where no external PPS or GPS time reference is available, the XPort3200 features a Stratum 3-compliant, oven-controlled oscillator. This oscillator is used when the PPS or GPS is not available to provide an accurate time reference to IEEE 1588 slaves. XPort3200 is ideal for industrial applications such as assembly lines and printing presses and military applications such as data capture, telemetry, and control system synchronization.
X-ES 3U VPX and 6U VPX Switches That Utilize XPort3200 Grandmaster Clock Module
All three switches have the ability to host the XPort3200 and feature transparent IEEE 1588 clocking, ensuring accurate synchronization to all devices connected to the switch. This allows very accurate distribution of the XPort3200 IEEE 1588 time to many different slaves.
XChange3013 3U VPX Switch
3U VPX Ethernet switch with
optional Layer 2 Switching
and Layer 3 Routing
Management Support.
XChange3018 3U VPX Switch
3U VPX 10 Gigabit Ethernet
switch with four 10GBASE-T,
six 1000BASE-T, and six
1000BASE-X ports.
XChange3100 6U VPX Switch
6U OpenVPX™ 10 Gigabit
Ethernet switch with up to
22 10GbE, 12 1000BASE-T,
and 88 1000BASE-X ports.
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