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INTEGRITY-178B supported on X-ES QorIQ SBCs
INTEGRITY-178B tuMP Overview
Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY-178B tuMP is a new version of INTEGRITY-178B supporting multicore CPU architectures by providing users with AMP and SMP capabilities simultaneously. In addition, users have control of assignment of CPU cores to their software functionality.

INTEGRITY-178B tuMP’s partitioning enforcing scheduling method results in a single OS (i.e. unified) that provides practical time-variant scheduling of both AMP and SMP applications simultaneously by enabling the association of cores and applications into groupings (called Affinity Groups) corresponding to an end-user intended function (or functions). Affinity groups are scheduled independently, permitting time-lines that closely correspond to application requirements. Affinity groups can make use of any of the time windows where cores are not being utilized.

INTEGRITY-178B tuMP enables multiple independent safety- and/or security-critical applications to execute on a multicore operating environment in a predictable, bounded, and application-independent manner.

DO-178B Certification on Multicore Processors

Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY®-178B Time-Variant Unified Multi-Processing (tuMP) multicore operating system is supported on all of the X-ES Single Board Computers (SBCs) hosting Freescale QorIQ P2041, P3041, P4040, and P4080 processors. INTEGRITY-178B tuMP running on the rugged XPedite5470 P4080-based 3U VPX SBC has been selected by Rockwell Collins for use in their Unmanned Air System (UAS) GPC-3000 Mission Computer.

With support for Freescale Semiconductor's family of QorIQ processors based on the e500mc core, INTEGRITY-178B tuMP runs on the X-ES SBCs and processor mezzanine cards listed in the following table. All of these boards are ruggedized and available in air- and conduction-cooled versions.

Product Name Supported QorIQ Processors with e500mc Cores Form Factor
XPedite5400 P3041, P4040, P4080 Air-cooled XMC/PMC
XPedite5401 P3041, P4040, P4080 Conduction-cooled XMC/PMC
XPedite5430 P3041, P4040, P4080 3U CompactPCI
XPedite5470 P3041, P4040, P4080 3U VPX
XPedite5600 P2041 Air-cooled XMC/PMC
XPedite5650 P2041 COM Express
XCalibur1600 P3041, P4040, P4080 6U CompactPCI
XCalibur1630 P3041, P4040, P4080 VME
XCalibur1640 P3041, P4040, P4080 6U VPX

The Freescale QorIQ Advanced Multiprocessing (AMP) T-series 64-bit processors, T4240 and T4160, will be supported on the rugged 6U VPX XCalibur1840, with a scheduled 1Q13 introduction by X-ES. In the same timeframe, Green Hills Software plans to support INTEGRITY-178B tuMP on the XCalibur1840. Additionally, Green Hills Software will add support for Freescale Semiconductor's family of QorIQ processors based on the e5500 core, specifically the QorIQ P5020 and P5040 processors. The P5020 and P5040 processors are supported on all of the X-ES products currently supporting the P3 and P4 families of QorIQ processors.

Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY-178B operating system is also supported on all X-ES boards supporting a Freescale QorIQ P1011, P1020, P2010 or P2020 processor.

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