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December 2019

Hello and welcome to Dorset Food Safety News, which was previously known as Gut Reaction.  We produce a food safety e-newsletter for food businesses giving advice and updates. 

Dorset Council area had 4985 registered food businesses in March 2019.  We carried out 1385 food hygiene inspections from April 2018 to March 2019.  You will be pleased to know that a recent hygiene map showed Dorset to be the best in Britain for food safety so well done to you food businesses for maintaining very high standards!

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Food hygiene ratings

At this time of year many customers are having Christmas meals out and will be checking the food hygiene rating of your business.  The rating is determined when we come to inspect your premises and is published on the Food Standards Agency website for the public to see. 
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Allergens update

Allergy sufferers across the Country will be protected by a new law which will require more foods to be labelled with allergen information in the future.  These changes will provide essential information to help people with a food allergy or intolerance to make safe choices when buying food which is ‘pre packed for direct sale’.  
From 1 October 2021 these foods will need to be labelled on the packaging with:-
                        Name of the Food,
                        Full list of ingredients, with
                        Allergenic Ingredients emphasised (for example in bold/capitals/italics).
Contact us for more advice.
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Hygiene of reusable containers

We have been taking part in a regional sampling survey of reusable containers for storing food.  This was due to an incident where cases of food poisoning were caused by high levels of Bacillus cereus bacteria found in food samples and swabs taken from food containers used at the business. 
Make sure that containers used for storing food are cleaned and disinfected properly (for example use hot soapy water and a chemical disinfectant or dishwasher).  The containers must be dried hygienically and stored in a clean area before use.  They should be food grade and replaced regularly.  Look out for the food safe symbol which is a wine glass and a fork.  It indicates that the material used in the product is considered safe for food contact.
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Brexit update

There is information of the Food Standards Agency website and GOV.UK website about Brexit and how it affects your business.
And finally....
Please let us know what you would like to see in future editions.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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