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"We need to ensure that results of R&D are affordable and available to patients"


Interview with Graeme Bilbe, Research & Development Director, DNDi

DNDi’s R&D Director Graeme Bilbe looks back on 2016 and the exciting advances in DNDi’s portfolio, and explains what he sees as the biggest challenges facing the organization.»

R & D Status Update February 2017

Human African Trypanosomiasis
Fexinidazole* entered into the last stage of clinical development before potential submission to regulatory authorities in 2017 as the first new oral treatment for sleeping sickness, while SCYX-7158* moved to Phase II/III»

Two new chemical entities were nominated as pre-clinical candidates for visceral leishmaniasis, and two Phase II studies to test new treatments for PKDL were designed for launch in Bangladesh, India & Sudan in 2017»

Chagas disease
A proof-of-concept study was launched in Bolivia (soon to be extended to Argentina) testing, in patients with chronic Chagas disease, new benznidazole regimens and durations and in combination with fosravuconazole*»

Filarial diseases
Emodepside* entered into healthy volunteer Phase I studies in 2016; ABBV-4083 (Tylamac)* entered into full pre-clinical development for the treatment of filarial diseases»

Paediatric HIV
The results of the HIV/TB co-infection ‘super-boosting’ study prompted a change in WHO guidelines, confirming the evidence around the need to increase ritonavir dosages to counter drug-drug interactions»
Read press release»

A Phase II/III study to test fosravuconazole* in eumycetoma patients was designed for launch in Sudan in 2017»

Hepatitis C
A Phase II/III study was launched in Malaysia - soon to be extended to other countries – combining ravidasvir* and sofosbuvir»

*denotes the drug is a new chemical entity (NCE)

Launch of the Global Antibiotic R&D Partnership (GARDP)
A joint DNDi / WHO initiative

GARDP, a joint DNDi / WHO initiative, was launched in May 2016. The mission of GARDP is to develop new antibiotic treatments addressing antimicrobial resistance and to promote their responsible use for optimal conservation, while ensuring equitable access for all in need»


Caring for Kids with
HIV and TB
Read s
Out of the Dark: Progress in Treating HIV/TB in Kids
Watch video Part 1»

Watch video Part 2»

Scientific Articles

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Investments in research and surveillance are needed to go beyond elimination and stop transmission of Leishmania in the Indian subcontinent»

Social Science & Medicine
How universal is coverage and access to diagnosis and treatment for Chagas disease in Colombia? A health systems analysis»

Organic Process Research & Development
Development of a scalable process for the synthesis of DNDI-VL-2098: A potential preclinical drug candidate for the treatment of VL»

Clinical Drug Investigation
Safety and effectiveness of sodium stibogluconate and paromomycin combination for the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis in eastern Africa: results from a pharmacovigilance programme»

Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal
Chagas disease research and development: is there light at the end of the tunnel?»

The Lancet
Essential medicines for universal health coverage»
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Kishore Pandit


December 2016 portfolio»

Ongoing clinical trials»

HAT Platform


ISNTD Festival
London, 23 February 2017
DNDi is presenting at the ISNTD Festival that will showcase creative work and science communication on neglected tropical diseases.
WorldLeish 6
Toledo, 16-20 May 2017
Registration for WorldLeish 6 is open, and the programme is available. New articles have been added to the PLOS WorldLeish 6 Collection.
Early bird registration ends 20 February.

HIV/HCV Director»
GARDP – Clinical Research Associate»
Head of South Africa Liaison Office»

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