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Dear Partners, Colleagues, and Friends,

The year 2011 has been an exciting year for DNDi. Every milestone achieved this year, a few of which we list here, is the result of the dedication and commitment of our team, partners, and donors.

On behalf of DNDi, I would like to thank all of you who share our mission
to bringing the best science to the most neglected, and who have supported us in making this year a success.

Bernard Pécoul
Executive Director, DND

New pre-clinical candidate for VL and potential pre-clinical candidates for Chagas  
In 2011, DNDi and its partners proposed DNDi-VL-2098 from the nitroimidazole series, as pre-clinical candidate for VL while potential pre-clinical candidates from the fenarimol series were identified for Chagas disease.
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A year of clinical trials 

Throughout 2011, DNDi and its partners have achieved major progress in clinical activities with the implementation or continuation of one Phase I, three Phase II, four Phase III, and four Phase IV studies for VL, Chagas disease, malaria, and HAT.
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Growing implementation

ASAQ FDC for malaria is now registered in 30 countries in Africa plus India and as of December 2011 more than 130 million treatments were distributed, while ASMQ FDC was registered in India. NECT for HAT is now available in 12 African countries and used to treat nearly 60% of stage 2 patients. 
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New oral drug candidate for sleeping sickness 
The drug candidate SCYX-7158 from oxaborole series, safe and efficacious against stage 1 and stage 2 HAT in pre-clinical studies, is ready to enter clinical phase in 2012.
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Registration of child-adapted treatment for Chagas disease 

In December 2011, Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) registered the paediatric dosage form of benznidazole, forming the only existing child-adapted treatment for children suffering from Chagas disease.
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DNDi portfolio expansion: Helminth infections and paediatric HIV 

DNDi announced in January 2011 its commitment to further implement its mission and expand its disease portfolio to address treatment needs of children with HIV/AIDS and neglected patients in the field of helminth infections.
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