The Role of Neglected Disease-Endemic, Emerging-Economy Countries in Neglected Disease R&D: Latin America on the Rise

By Eric Stobbaerts, Head of DNDi Latin America

As DNDi marks its 10 years of existence, the time is ripe to assess the achievements and difficulties experienced in order to move into a new decade with new approaches. For Latin America, in particular, this period is unique, even transformative, as it is marked by unprecedented economic and social strengthening of the region. This growth brings with it the crucial role of Latin America’s public and private sectors in contributing meaningfully to the neglected disease research and development landscape.

Best Science for the Most Neglected: Where Do We Stand 10 Years On?

4 - 5 December 2013
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Join DNDi and its founding partners, Institut Pasteur and MSF, for a special scientific event culminating DNDi’s 10-year anniversary. Participants and speakers will include key actors in the field of research and development for neglected diseases, including international scientists, product developers, policy-makers, and civil society organizations. The event will explore the scientific aspects of the past decade of innovation for neglected diseases carried out by various innovative initiatives, including DNDi.

Governments Bolster Engagement in Neglected Disease R&D

Following the June announcement of MSF’s renewed support to DNDi, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), and the Republic and Canton of Geneva reiterated their commitment to the fight against neglected diseases, through financial support and partnership with DNDi. Starting in 2013, multiyear funding was granted by DFID for £ 30 million (EUR 35 million) over five years, the SDC for CHF 8 million (EUR 6.5 million) over four years, and funding for sleeping sickness from the Republic and Canton of Geneva for CHF 500’000 (EUR 405,000) over three years.
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LOLA: First research agreement between DNDi Latin America and UNICAMP

DNDi Latin America and the University of Campina (UNICAMP) signed their first contract for optimization of new molecules against Chagas disease and leishmaniasis in the region, marking a new step in the evolvement of DNDi Latin America’s portfolio of activities and the role of endemic regions in R&D for new treatments against the most neglected diseases. 

Al Jazeera's The Cure profiles MSF and DNDi's efforts to treat sleeping sickness in DRC

Al Jazeera's The Cure series is broadcasting a special feature on the work DNDi and MSF are doing to combat sleeping sickness in DRC.


Voices for Neglected Diseases

Dr Silvia Gold is President of Mundo Sano Foundation. She explains the lack of knowledge about Chagas disease among the populations and governments, and the need for collaboration between the public and private sectors through a coalition to raise awareness and learn from research results, both positive and negative, to advance Chagas disease research.
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New scientific publications on Chagas disease, visceral leishmaniasis and malaria are now available online.