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"Manifesto" to mobilise the global community to increase financial support for Neglected Tropical Diseases

All NTDs are "tool ready" but also "tool deficient" as for many diseases tools are suboptimal, incomplete or inadequate. Thus, increased investments in R&D are urgently needed.
The eight-point "manifesto" published as an editorial in PLoS NTDs is co-authored by Peter Hotez, President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, and Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director of DNDi. Read more

"$1 for 1 life"

The documentary of Fréderic Laffont tells the story of researchers, doctors and others who have decided to develop drugs for neglected diseases. It was broadcasted on the European channel ARTE.
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First Chagas Platform meeting

Held recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the meeting brought together more than 50 experts to define the ideal profile of a new drug to treat Chagas disease.
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Publication: Anti-malaria survey

Market and policy surveys on anti-malarial drug availability and accessibility were undertaken in Burundi and Sierra Leone, where AS+AQ treatments are available. "Anti-malarial market and policy surveys in sub-Saharan Africa", Malaria Journal.
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Innovative funding

The study "Financing neglected diseases Research and Development: principles and options" conducted by DNDi is an evaluation of existing and proposed R&D incentives and innovative funding mechanisms.
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Advocacy for R&D in US

DNDi North America has been raising awareness among U.S. Congress members, national health leaders, and pharmaceutical companies about the need for greater R&D for neglected tropical diseases.
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Innovative partnership between sanofi-aventis and DNDi awarded by GBC 2010

The Global Business Coalition awarded sanofi-aventis for its innovative Malaria Access to Medicines partnership program with DNDi. Read more