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Viewpoint by Robert Don, Discovery & Preclinical Director, and Charles Mowbray, Head of Drug Discovery, DNDi

Modern drug discovery and the fight against NTDs: How can the PDP model enhance and accelerate the R&D process?

Important advances have been made in recent years to optimize the use of existing medicines to treat neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) but, while providing urgently needed improvements on previous treatments, they are often still not ideal. There remains an urgent need
to design and develop modern drugs to treat these diseases.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between South Africa and DNDi to improve access to paediatric HIV treatment in South Africa

Partnership agreement aims to ensure that clinical studies can begin rapidly to prepare a transition from the current alcohol-based liquid ARVs to new, better adapted formulations for infants and toddlers with HIV.»

UNITAID, Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) and DNDi Launch the Paediatric HIV Treatment Initiative (PHIT)

The PHTI aims at partnering on R&D, IP, and market-shaping to accelerate innovation of and access to improved ARV formulations for children living with HIV, to help close the treatment gap between adults and children.»

DNDi commissions a paper to examine the possibilities of creating a pooled international R&D fund for "demonstration projects"

The paper explores the a) Potential Limitations and Opportunities b) Functions c) Principles and Policies and d) Governance Arrangements of a Pilot Pooled International Fund (pPIF) for the four Demonstration Projects selected as part of the process following on the report of the CEWG.»               
                                    Read the paper »

NORAD granted DNDi EUR 1.85 million to support sleeping sickness programme

First-ever support from NORAD to DNDi will target the development of an oral treatment for sleeping sickness, and strengthen local capacities in endemic African countries through the HAT Platform.»


Nature Scientific Reports: Nitroheterocyclic compounds are more efficacious than CYP51 inhibitors against Trypanosoma cruzi: implications for Chagas disease drug discovery and development »

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters: Design, synthesis, ADME characterization and antileishmanial evaluation of novel substituted quinoline analogs »

Medicinal Chemistry Communication: The role of modern drug discovery in the fight against neglected and tropical disease »


Punto de Vista: Robert Don and Charles Mowbray»

Financiación de demostración: consideraciones para un Fondo Internacional Común Piloto para la I+D»


Punto de Vista: Robert Don and Charles Mowbray»

Demonstração de Financiamento: Considerações para um Fundo Comum Internacional Piloto para P&D»


The Role of Research & Innovation to achieve Health for All and Sustainable Development
Geneva, Switzerland
May 22, 2014

Bioorganic Chemistry Gordon Research Conference
Andover, USA
June 8-13, 2014

Epicentre Scientific Day
Paris, June 12, 2014



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