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The FACT project: a successful approach to solving public health needs

Viewpoint by Jean-René Kiechel, Senior Pharma Advisor & Product manager, DNDi

The beginning of the current millennium saw a radical change in the way malaria was treated. In 2001, in response to rising chloroquine resistance, the WHO recommended replacing this monotherapy with artemisinin-based combination therapies, known as ACTs. The Drugs for Neglected Diseases Working Group of the MSF Access Campaign and WHO-TDR came together with other experts and stakeholders from both non-endemic and endemic countries to form the Fixed-Dose Combination Therapies (FACT) consortium in 2002, with projects subsequently transferred to DNDi when it was established in 2003. »

Drug Discovery Booster launched to accelerate R&D for most neglected diseases

In a groundbreaking experiment, DNDi launches its first cross-company project to accelerate and cut the cost of early stage drug discovery for leishmaniasis and Chagas disease, with Eisai Co Ltd, Shionogi & Co Ltd, Takeda Pharmaceutical Ltd, and AstraZeneca Ltd. The Japanese Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT) is supporting this project. »

Global health leaders call for a biomedical innovation fund and mechanism for global public health needs

Facing the fragmentation of recent proposals to tackle R&D gaps for antimicrobial resistance, emerging infectious diseases such as Ebola, and other neglected diseases, a group of experts including MSF and DNDi jointly published a call for an umbrella framework to tackle chronic under-investment in R&D. »

DNDi ‘passes the ball’ to MMV in a transfer of two antimalarials

Two fixed-dose artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs) developed by DNDi  and partners, ASAQ FDC and ASMQ FDC, will now be managed by MMV’s Access and Product Management team to help maximize their public health impact. »

US FDA approval to enable children with HIV to access recommended ARVs

US FDA’s approval of lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r) oral pellets developed by Cipla is a key step for country adoption of this vital WHO-recommended antiretroviral (ARV) for infants and young children with HIV. As DNDi and Cipla continue development of a taste-masked 4-in1 with LPV/r, the new pellets will be part of a large implementation study, funded by UNITAID, in several sub-Saharan African countries. »

Chagas Close-up

“Chagas disease completely changed my life"

For Juan Bautista Corzo Veloza, a 53 year old, father of three,  life is not the same since that day in January 2013 when a stroke left him "dead for three days," he says. He was changing a car tyre while performing his duty as a driver, a job to which he had dedicated himself after retiring from the National Police, when he began to feel a sharp pain in his chest along with a slow loss of consciousness. »

Read the first Newsletter of The Global Chagas Coalition

The Global Chagas Coalition, officially launched in December 2012, is an open, ambitious, collaborative alliance where together, through the sharing of expertise, knowledge, and capacity for action, hopes to achieve the goal of alleviating human suffering caused by Chagas disease and ultimately, controlling Chagas disease once and for all. »


Scientific Articles

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Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
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PLOS Medicine:
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Punto de Vista: El proyecto FACT: un enfoque exitoso en la resolución de las necesidades de la salud pública »
La Voz del Paciente: "La Enfermedad de Chagas cambió totalmente mi vida"»
Lea la primera edición de la Newsletter de La Coalición Chagas »

Ponto de Vista: Projeto FACT: uma abordagem de sucesso para solucionar necessidades de saúde pública »
A Voz do Paciente: "A doença de Chagas mudou completamente minha vida"»


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