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Dear colleague,

Our Annual Report for 2015, From Neglected Diseases to Neglected Patients and Populations, reviews what was a pivotal year for DNDi, as we introduced a new business plan for the period 2015-2023, including the concept of a dynamic portfolio to guide the future of our activities as patient needs and the global innovation landscape evolve. I am also delighted to share our new at-a-glance review of DNDi’s portfolio, with now more than 30 R&D projects, including 15 new chemical entities, in our pipeline.
In shaping the direction for the next decade, our ambition was to give DNDi the flexibility to meet unaddressed R&D needs, while also remaining true to the organization’s original vision and mission of bringing the best science to the most neglected. Neglected diseases thus remain at the core of our agenda. Adding to this focus, an exciting new project will aim to drive new treatments for mycetoma. But redefining our commitment to deliver for neglected patients means the nature and scope of DNDi’s R&D activities will evolve to address other unmet patient needs.
DNDi will aim to foster a public health approach to hepatitis C, by facilitating the development of a pan-genotypic affordable treatment so that recent therapeutic advances finally reach patients. By allowing for more flexible and diversified operational models, DNDi will also tailor the breadth and depth of its engagement to specific needs. Resistance to antibiotic treatments is a key unmet medical need that DNDi will aim to address through the incubation of a new initiative, jointly with WHO but hosted by DNDi, that seeks to address this major public health threat.
By our 20th anniversary in 2023, our ambition is to have delivered 16 to 18 new treatments, including two to three new chemical entities. Reaching this target, and delivering the best science to the most neglected will only be possible through the help of our partners and supporters.
We are truly grateful for your support.
Best regards,

Dr Bernard Pécoul
Executive Director, DNDi

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