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"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."
Romans 8:18


Face-to-face services cancelled this week - Join Chatswood Church virtually via Zoom Web Meeting from 9:15am for Adult Bible Study followed by a 10am Church Service

Based on the restrictions introduced in the Sydney Metropolitan Area and the NSW Government Department of Health Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert,  the Church Board has decided meeting face-to-face at Chatswood Church is not advisable.

We will be gathering together via a web meeting platform called Zoom.

Virtual Church Schedule
9:15am Adult Bible Study
10am Church Service

Join Chatswood Church via Zoom @ 9:15am

Direct Zoom meeting link | | Meeting ID: 988-572-250 | Password: 7777777 | Dial-In Details: Join by phone; call 02 8015 6011, Meeting ID: 988 572 250 | How to use Zoom

Weekly Prayer Focus

Job 22:27

"You will pray to him, and he will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows.."

This coming week, please lift up the Kooke Family - Willem, Simone, Amelie and Madeleine before the throne of grace. As well as general prayers, ask the Lord if there are any particular requests we could be making on their behalf.
This Sabbath
Adult Bible Study: 9:15am
Virtual Service: 10:00am
Program Coordinator: Mariana Venturi
Speaker: Pr Eddy Johnson 
Offering: Food Ministry via eGiving
Next Week
Adult Bible Study: 9:15am
Virtual Service: 10:00am
Program Coordinator: Claire Lane
Speaker: Pr Boriss Soldat
Offering: Local Budget via eGiving
Is hearing and listening the same thing? In this video, discover how sound entering your ear-drums isn't synonymous with "listening", at least from a biblical perspective. This video is the first installment of our Word Studies series, a six-part exploration of the ancient biblical prayer called “The Shema.”

Did you know that The Bible Project has a podcast?

The Bible Project podcast consists of deeper theological conversations between co-founders, Tim and Jon, inviting you to explore the biblical theology behind each animated video and series they create. Listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.

🔥 Adventurers & Pathfinders


Chatswood Pathfinders

THIS WEEK 21 August @ 3pm - Club Meeting via church zoom details (view above)


Chatswood Adventurers
28 August @ 3pm - Club meeting (working on the fitness badge) via church zoom details (view above)

Need something to do during lockdown?

Pathfinders - Check out these cool online honours that Pastor Phil put together last year. You can find the videos on Facebook or Youtube and the worksheets here.
The British Union has also put together a number of online honours you can do, and you can order the patches directly from them - visit their website and Facebook page (scroll down the page to find more).
Adventurers - you can also find some award videos here and the worksheets here. The British Union has also put together a number of online awards you can do, and you can order the patches directly from them - visit their website and Facebook page (scroll down the page to find more).

Stay Connected

Stay connected with your church community! Ask for prayer, spread joy, give thanks to God, ask questions about the bible. Make sure to join these Telegram groups if you haven't already...
Chats Chaps
Chics Chat
All of Chatswood

This Week's Lessons

Keep up with each week's lessons by following these links. Each week you'll learn a bit more about God and humanity. Just choose the sabbath school that you are in...


Message about COVID-19 and Vaccinations

Pr Terry Johnson - Greater Sydney Conference President
You may be having conversations about vaccinations, the pandemic, the right to protest and other items that are current and related topically within your sphere of influence, with family, colleagues, and friends. Here is some information that may be of benefit.
COVID-19 info

COVID-19 Support: We're all in this together!

As we enter the new stage of lockdown restrictions, we would like to reach out and check on our church family. How is everyone doing?

Under the latest restrictions, there may be some families with no one working/getting a paycheck at the moment. If one of our families or someone you know runs out of food or necessities or times are just tough, please PM me or anyone in church leadership and we will offer support. If you need someone to talk to and pray with, we’re here.

What’s understood never has to be explained... We're here as a church family to love and support each other in tough times. No one has to get through it alone. And we have His promise to be with us always, even to the end of the world (Matthew 28:20).

Sign up for Chatswood's Fellowship Time

Chatswood Church’s Fellowship Time is a time where one-to-one virtual connections can take place to support each other and our families, outside of our weekly eChurch gathering.

The program stopped last year when COVID restrictions eased, and now we are considering starting it again should the church family be interested.

How does it work? 
You will be paired with someone from the Chatswood SDA church family. 
All you have to do is coordinate a time to give that person a call. You can ask them about their week, talk about what’s going on in their lives and pray together.
Pairs are re-shuffled automatically each fortnight.
Chatswood Church plans to coordinate this activity while eChurch and social distancing measures are in place.

If you are interested in opting in to the program, please fill out the form on this web page to opt-in to the program. If you were part of the program last year, we ask you to opt-in again so we know you remain interested in participating. 

Please note we will assess if we have enough people before we get started, and will update the Church family once we’re ready to begin.

Weekly Prayer Meetings

We would like to invite everyone who has a heart for prayer to join our Chatswood online prayer group. We will have a quick study of the Book of Daniel followed by a time of sharing and prayer.

When: Wednesdays at 8:30pm
Where: Church Zoom (view above)

Everyone is welcome!
More and more we read in the newspapers of violence perpetuated by and against young people. We can no longer pretend that this problem exists only outside the doors of our church.

This year for enditnow® Emphasis Day we have chosen to focus on the issues of youth violence and pornography. These are not issues normally discussed, and we know that some will be uncomfortable with the topic. Yet it is vital that we recognize the problem.

We must find ways to help them deal with the destructive and harmful effects resulting from these types of abuses. With God’s help we will make a difference in the lives of individuals struggling with these issues and help the healing process to begin.
Find out more!

Vacant Position - SPD Senior Risk Officer

An excellent opportunity for an experienced and professional senior risk officer has become available in Risk Management Service (RMS) at the South Pacific Division, Wahroonga. If you like variety in your work, enjoy being challenged and want to be part of a friendly and focused team then this role could be for you.
Find Out More!
We are grateful to God for leading us through this year and for keeping us safe. Let’s continue to pray for our world, and shine his love wherever we go.

🥳Birthdays for August!🥳

Peta Hay - 1st
Eshaan Jathin - 2nd
Aurora Piakal - 8th
Archie Borg- 9th
Roma Bashford - 11th
Raquel - 12th
Samuel Johns - 13th
Lachlan Pennington - 13th
Amelie Kooke - 14th
Sheshaan Jathin - 22nd 
Eva Roennfeldt - 23rd
Scott Lane - 24th
Zayden Chimbetete - 26th
Andrew Cooper - 28th
Lulu Mholphe- 29th
Felix natalis - Latin (Translation: 'Happy Birthday')

🙏 Prayer

1 Thessalonians 5:15
"Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else."

God, show me what it means to love my neighbor as myself. Show me what it means to look out for the best interests of others. When I am tempted, draw me close to You. Remind me of Your presence in my life and the calling You have given me. Help me to live a life that honors You by serving others. 

Special prayers for the COVID-19 Pandemic
Guide us in the path of discipleship, so that, as you have blessed us, we may be a blessing to others, bringing the promise of the kingdom near, by our words and deeds.

  • Give thanks for those governments worldwide who are putting aside funds to assist poorer countries to have their own vaccination programs and pray that they will have great wisdom as they embark on the program that there will not be a “rich/poor divide” and there will be sufficient funds for all people needing vaccinations to receive them
  • Pray also for all residents throughout all the areas of NSW under lockdown that we will all behave responsibly and observe Health Regulations. Pray especially for the more remote communities in far western NSW as efforts are made to increase the level of vaccination in their communities
  • Pray for great wisdom for our political and health leaders, that they will be able to take actions that slow the spread of the virus, and that any outbreaks of infection will be quickly brought under control and researchers will be able to identify and track cases to isolate the source(s). Pray that their communication will be clear and effective.
  • Pray for modifications that have been made to vaccination protocols that they will give priority to protecting the most vulnerable in our community and achieve the goal of ultimately providing maximum protection to all Australians. Pray that the logistics of the delivery of vaccines throughout Australia will run smoothly and the accompanying advertising program will be successful.
  • Pray that we will be sensitive to the needs of others in our community who are suffering additional stresses because of measures that have been introduced to reduce the spread of the virus. Ask also that God will give us ways we can show His love to those around us.

General prayer points for this week
God, thank you for showing us what love is by sending us your perfect Son to earth to save us. Without Your love, we have nothing of value to share and we gain nothing, so please help us to love others as You do. Purify our hearts and our intentions, and let everything we do in life stem from a desire to glorify You. In Jesus name, Amen

  • Give thanks that Jodi has returned home from hospital after her health crisis. Pray for continued healing and that she will receive the right treatment at the right time- give comfort and wisdom to Dean and their young girls as they support her through the difficult situation the family faces. Guide us also as a Church family as we stand in support of them
  • Pray for all others in our Church family, especially those facing stresses of various kinds that we might all know that you are the God who cares and we might be able to support each other in prayer.
  • Guide all our Chatswood parents as they care for their children in these disrupted times with many deeply involved in home schooling and many also working from home- may all the homes be sanctuaries in the midst of community confusion
  • Pray for Paul Stewart that his treatment will bring about improvement in his health. Comfort him and grant him patience as he receives this care
  • Pray for Karen Kilner as she recovers from her injury- give thanks for her progress to date and guide her in the many decisions that are being made with respect to her treatment
  • Give thanks for the message Gil shared with us all two weeks ago and guide us into Your truth as we reflect on what changes You might be helping us towards in our own lives. Pray for the whole family as they sort out the many decisions that are being made in their lives
  • Show each of us Lord what we can as individuals do with respect to filling the roster for members of our Church family to share their experience(s) with you
  • Pray for Willem’s mum as she continues her treatment that it will achieve all that is intended. Be with the whole family as they interact remotely with each other in supporting Brenda.
  • Pray too, for Simone’s mum and dad, for speedy and complete recovery after their recent surgery, and as they follow plans for their future home as they each recover from health setbacks. Give thanks for the many issues that have already been resolved. Pray, too, for Willem, Simone, Amelie and Madeleine as they “minister to them at a distance”.
  • Pray for other Church families who have recently moved as they settle in to new communities and others that are looking for new accommodation that they will be guided by you as they search

Holy, holy, holy God, fill us with strength and courage, with discernment and compassion, that we may be your instruments of justice and love in this world, that it may be on earth as it is in heaven.

Reporting Abuse via AdSAFE

If you are concerned about any form of abuse or have experienced abuse yourself, we care for you and want to support you. Here are some ways you can approach the matter:
Submit a Complaint // Report an Incident // Report a Person of Interest
Note: These forms are also for general incident contact for all AdSAFE matters. The completed forms will be redirected to the appropriate department to provide the best support and advice.

Our Vision

The Church You Belong To!



Our Mission

Sharing: We live to share the gospel. Mark 16.15

Connecting: We live to connect with each other. 1 Corinthians 12.12-31

Growing: We live to grow into the likeness of Christ. John 15.1-17, Matthew 6.5-15

Serving: We live to serve others by meeting their needs. Matthew 20.26-28

Worshipping: We live to worship God because of His extravagant love. John 3.16, Revelation 4.11; 5.12-14

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