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Welcome to ADI NewsFeed, monthly inbox news and tools developed to bring you a focused look at what matters most. In preparation for traditional year-end activities such as performance reviews, we’ve gathered the following articles and resources. While tying pay to an organization’s profit is gaining momentum, it is important to ensure that it is done correctly and has a positive outcome for both the employer and employee. Look for upcoming newsfeeds to cover topics such as performance improvement, workplace ethics, training resources and more.

Reversal of Fortunes:
Who is Really Appraised by the Performance Appraisal Process?
It’s that time of year again where workplaces begin to stir about with impending performance reviews. Before you dive in, read this blog post to understand some of the history and a true behavioral analysis of what is gained from these annual events. Read the Blog

10 Ways to Ruin an Employee Evaluation
If you are on the hook to prepare and deliver employee evaluations, be sure to avoid these ten things or you may get more than you bargained for. Read the Blog

The Leader's Role in Pay Systems and Organizational Performance 
Bill Abernathy, Aubrey & Jamie Daniels
Compensation systems need to be designed from a behavioral perspective rather than a financial one. This article describes the leader’s role and identifies how to get discretionary performance from employees.  Read More

Companies Tying Employee
Pay to Performance Increases 17%
in Last Two Years
I4PC: Productivity Blog
It’s no surprise to learn that more than 90% of organizations are linking salaries and bonuses to specific performance measures. Learn more about how an organization’s performance can predict whether or not it’s having success and the top four drivers for tying pay to performance. Read More

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