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Welcome to ADI News Feed monthly inbox news and tools developed to bring you a focused look at what matters most. As the end of year approaches, most organizations are gearing up for end of year performance reviews. Before you do, we hope you find valuable information in these articles and links. Future issues will include topics such as coaching, surveys and more.

Performance: To Measure and Reward

Measure and RewardMeasuring and compensating performance is one of the most unavoidable responsibilities for any leader, regardless of your business. As organizations look to wrap up the year and plan for 2011, we offer the following topics to help you get the best performance all year long:

Even Harvard Business Review can be wrong when it comes to performance reviews and recommending ranking employees. Read More

Take it from someone who has studied behavior for more than 35 years, the best job you’ll ever have is the one where you know at the end of each day how you did. Read More


Watch this short video where I discuss what happens to performance when you pay employees for showing up. Read More

Merit Pay for Teachers Can Work
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Merit Pay for Teachers

Pay for performance in education continues to be a hotly contested topic across the country. Whether in education or in business, rewarding desired performance can be beneficial not only to the performer but to those that manage other people’s performance. This article provides a perspective outside of business but very important for us all. Read More

Design a Compensation Program That Motivates
In matters of pay and performance, behavior must be included in the process in order to sustain performance. This article provides recommendations for designing or improving pay for performance programs through the application of behavioral principles. Read More

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Pitfalls of Performance Appraisals
Hated by employees and leaders alike, performance reviews, typically handled annually, are not productive or reinforcing for anyone.  Learn what organizations do wrong and what specifically they should focus on when evaluating employee performance.
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Sin of Wages
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