Safe by Accident?
Welcome to ADI News Feed monthly inbox news and tools developed to bring you a focused look at what matters most. Workplace safety is no longer the concern of safety professionals alone. This edition poses the question of being safe by accident and introduces a new ADI book. We hope you find valuable information in these articles and links. Future issues will include topics such as assessments, coaching, performance appraisals, and more.

Is Safety Really Your Top Priority?

Judy L. Agnew, Ph.D.
Companies are well intended when they speak of safety as one of their top priorities. But does what leaders say translate to what employees do in the workplace? This latest article addresses why there is a priority disconnect within organizations around safety. Read More...

Perspectives on Safety in the News
In recent weeks, there have been many safety-related posts written based on events in the news. We invite you to join the discussion on these important topics:
  1. Breaking News…Texting while driving is dangerous. Duh! Warning labels alone will not keep drivers from putting themselves in unsafe situations. The solution is effective consequences.
  2. Lifeguard on Duty: Swim at your own risk! In jobs with low incidents, do you have enough reinforcers in place to respond when rare errors occur?
  3. BP was “Gambling with Safety.” Are you? Do you know the signs that may lead to organizations gambling with safety? This latest blog post discusses the top five signs.)
Learning from BP
Corporate Executive Board
Based on BP's recently published internal report of their investigation into the Deepwater Horizon oil rig accident, further reflection on the lessons to be learned from BP’s experience is warranted. This article outlines three lessons worthy of executive and management attention. Read More...

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ADI's Safety Culture and Leadership Surveys

Does your organization's culture drive safe behavior? Are you leading (or impeding) a safe workplace? Learn more…

Behavior Based Safety Basics
This course delivers everything a safety professional or corporate trainer needs to engage all employees in sustaining a safer workplace, and creating a culture of safe habits. Learn more…

Behavior-Based Safety Orientation Booklet

behavior-based safety
Ideal for safety professionals or anyone wanting a better understanding of behavior based safety. $10.00


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