ADI News Feed, September 2009, Issue 1

Texting and Driving Debate Puts Spotlight on Behavior-Based Safety

Aubrey Daniels

As technology becomes more advanced, managing the behavior that goes along with it has become increasingly more difficult. Behavior-based safety programs could provide a much needed answer.

OSHA Announces New Evaluation of Voluntary Protection Programs

Cloyd Hyten 

Earning admission into the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) isn’t a long term guarantee. However, behavior-based safety programs will foster a safety culture in organizations that goes beyond the documentation requirements of VPP.

A Champion for Worker's Safety

NY Times

President Obama tapped Dr. David Michaels to head the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is believed that Dr. Michaels will push to change the workplace culture of safety. 

Safety Fun Facts!

100 Billion: that’s the estimated annual loss in dollars because of sleep-deprivation related problems in the United States.

Emergency rooms treat nearly twice as many left-handed people for accidents as right-handed people.

The four most dangerous steps on most staircases are the two at the top and the two at the bottom.

When people are wide awake, alert, and mentally active they are still only 25% aware of what various parts of their bodies are doing.


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