Finding Success at Work
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Whether implementing change or improving performance, leaders constantly juggle decisions and issues that impact organizational success. At the core of most of these business issues are people. Human capital is one of an organization’s most valuable assets. In this issue, gain strategies for effectively tackling change and learn why creating a positive, happy culture can benefit your workforce and the bottom-line.

Moving Employees from
Have to to Want to

Talent Management

Motiviated by FearEmployee performance is at its best when engagement is high and results are attained through positive reinforcement. However, many managers are under the false impression that they have a positive work culture. Instead, employees might be motivated out of fear and do just enough to get by.

To maximize performance in your organization, leaders must use positive reinforcement to foster high morale and discretionary effort. Signs of an engaged workforce include volunteerism, initiative, and dedication on behalf of employees. Dr. Aubrey Daniels explains more about shifting your culture from “have to” to “want to” in this Talent Management blog.

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Want a Successful Company?
Make Your Staff Happy

Huffington Post - UK

There is a lot to be said for having a happy workforce. Companies and researchers are finding that a crucial ingredient to success is happy employees. In an internal study, restaurant chain Nandos found that branches with higher happiness ratings on their annual staff survey outperformed other locations. In a study done at Wharton Business School, investing in companies on the Fortune list of the Best Companies to Work For had greater returns than the standard stock market.

So how can you make employees happy? You could ask! Listen to them, provide positive reinforcement, and show appreciation. There are countless ways to recognize and acknowledge others for their work. Read this article from Huffington Post – UK to learn more about creating a happy workplace.

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Are You Impatient?

When implementing change, leaders hope to see results fast. But long-term effects often take time and waiting can create frustration and impatience. Instead of continuing the cycle of change initiatives that start, sputter out, and eventually fail, there are things leaders can do to speed progress along. Hear from ADI change expert, Joe Laipple, as he shares tips for turning impatience into productive action, including breaking down long-term success into incremental goals.

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Doing Things the Same will not get you Change

Doing Things the Same Will Not Get You Change
Organizations are constantly introducing new systems and processes to their employees but a common saying associated with these implementations is, “We tried that and it didn’t work.” Reacting the same way over and over again to attempts at change won’t get you anywhere. Hear from Aubrey Daniels as he offers tips on ways to determine the effectiveness of a program before deciding to shut it down.

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Find blind spots that may be impeding improvement Struggling to get new initiatives to stick or want to be prepared before launching a new one? ADI surveys and assessments help organizations uncover behavioral gaps in processes and practices that hamper change and performance.

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