ADI News Feed | November 9, 2011 | Creating an Ethical Workplace

Welcome to ADI NewsFeed, monthly inbox news and tools developed to bring you a focused look at what matters most. Unethical acts are not always or only committed by individuals intending to do bad things. Workplace misdeeds aren’t always black and white. Even otherwise honest, ethical people can find themselves on a slippery slope. The following articles and resources will help employees and organizations create a workplace that builds ethics into their culture, systems, and practices. Look for upcoming news feeds to cover topics such as performance improvement and training resources.

Good Intentions, Bad Effects
Creating an ethical workplace isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Employees can slide, unintentionally, down slippery slopes. This blog post examines why it takes more than good people seeking to do good to build a stronger ethical workplace, and why the focus should be on the impact and not the intention of one’s actions. Suggestions for ways employees can contribute are also included. Read the Blog

Humanity is Job #1
With the changing business environment comes the need to change the way business is conducted. This article calls out the need for a human operating system, one that fosters self-governance and trusts employees to act, inspired by values rather than coerced by rules or motivated by dollars and cents. Read the Blog

Are Women the Fairer Sex? Gender and Ethics at Work
By Darnell Lattal
When it comes to women and men in the workplace, is one more ‘fair’ than the other? This article explores whether or not women think and behave differently than men when making ethical decisions and offers practical steps anyone can take to stay the course. Read More

Tangible Ways to Reinforce Ethics in Your Organization
Talent Management
Corporate America needs to build an ethical infrastructure that defines, measures and reinforces ethical behavior. This article identifies steps employers can take to reinstate and reinforce ethical behavior in their organizations. Read More

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